Troian Bellisario Is Returning To TV

With the success of Dollface and Katy Keene, we’re not so apprehensive about our favorite Pretty Little Liars making their way back onto the screen.

All of them are uber talented, but when you’re on the same show for so long – lets be honest – you get pigeonholed.

However, we’re excited that these great actresses aren’t. Lucy‘s made a name for herself on Katy Keene, Shay on YOU and Dollface, and now it’s time for Troian Bellisario to make her return.

The actress is set as the female lead opposite Patrick Dempsey in CBS’ Ways & Means. Now – we should warn you – it’s a political drama and so we’re holding out judgement for now.

The show comes from SEAL Team showrunner Ed Redlich, Republican political consultant Mike Murphy, Nina Tassler and Denise Di Novi’s PatMa Productions and CBS TV Studios. Yes, the word Republican scares us a little.

But the description gives us hope.

Ways & Means centers on a powerful congressional leader (Dempsey) who has lost faith in politics. He finds himself working secretly with an idealistic young congresswoman (Bellisario) from the opposing party to subvert the hopelessly gridlocked system he helped create. Together, they’ll attempt to save American politics — if they don’t get caught.

Bellisario will play the idealistic congresswoman, Claire, who will have to figure out how to remain who she is, grow, and maintain her idealism, because does it have a place in politics when you’re filled with ambition? Will Congress change her?

Will she change Congress and the members that are so blinded to what they are supposed to be doing?

Does this sound like a show that you would watch?

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