Superstore - Season 5

‘Superstore’: Will America Ferrera return?

Amy hasn’t even left yet, and we’re already getting excited about a possible America Ferrera return to Superstore.

It’s been only a couple of weeks (oh, to go back to those days) since Ferrera announced her character, Amy, was leaving Cloud Nine, and Superstore for good, even though the show has been renewed for season 6. However, with the coronavirus pandemic shutting down production on Superstore, the last episode of the season – Amy’s farewell, couldn’t be filmed.

And we can’t say goodbye to Amy without, you know, saying goodbye to Amy.

Not that we want to say goodbye. We’ll take it if Ferrera changes her mind. No complains here.

This means, at the very least, that the actress is due at some point next season, to finish Amy’s story-line, at least. And hey, maybe the change in circumstances will mean we get an extended farewell? Or none at all?

What? A girl can dream.

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