‘Batwoman’ 1×16 Review: “Through the Looking Glass”

Batwoman’s “Through the Looking Glass” filled us with a lot of feelings. It filled us with relief that Alice was going to leave Gotham for good. It filled us with what I can only describe as a ughhhh feeling that Kate felt guilty for killing a psychopath who destroyed her life and that of her sister. And finally, it filled us with rage for what Kate did to Alice, leaving her behind once more.

Kate Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Killing Cartwright

Look, I said what I said. Kate shouldn’t feel guilty for ending the life of Cartwright. Was it murder? Yes. But did he have it coming? Absolutely. So why feel shame or guilt about it? I guess it makes Kate human that she’s struggling with it and means that she hasn’t spiraled into Alice territory, but the point stands. Cartwright was evil.

Cartwright destroyed Beth and turned her into Alice. Cartwright cut off their mothers head and kept it in a refrigerator for years upon years. He had it coming and that’s the God’s honest truth. And maybe me being ok with it is a sign of bits of me that are like Alice: unforgiving, but utterly practical and honest with myself. And I don’t regret how I feel. Or look down upon Kate for struggling with what she did or not.

Maybe Kate is better than us because she feels more and isn’t ok with the lengths she went to make sure justice was served. But being ok with Cartwright’s death doesn’t mean that she’s going to spiral and turn into Alice. And maybe that’s what she fears, but it’ll never happen because they’re completely different people.

And that’s where I’ll end on that one.

Kate Should Feel Guilty for What She Did to Alice

I’m more than mad. I’m pissed. Kate did Alice dirty and that’s the undeniable tea. Is Alice the best? No, she’s a hot damn mess. But Kate made a promise and went about twisting it, proving how much she cares for this city and how little she cares for Alice or the part she played in transforming Beth into Alice.

And look, I get it. Before I was celebrating the fact that Kate had separated Alice and Beth in her head. I was glad that she saw how much of a monster her sister was. But after these last couple episodes I can see that Alice is nothing but a tortured woman serving up revenge for what was done to her. And honestly, if I went through the same thing, who’s to say I wouldn’t do the same too.

What makes it worse, is that Alice was going to leave. She was done. She had served up her revenge and was ready to leave Gotham behind. Her relationship with her sister seemed to be on the up since they were working with each other, even if for a little. And she was this close to freeing Mouse from the torture inflicted on him. And then Kate went and did Alice dirty.

You really have to have something twisted and broken inside of you to look at Alice’s pleading face and still leave her there. That is your sister. Your blood. And you know what you promised her when you were helping her get Mouse out of Arkham. You promised her freedom from the pain that had plagued her, her entire life.

Leaving Alice at Arkham, tricking her and then trapping her, was cruel. You left her again, Kate. And whatever comes next, it’s on your head, every crazy bit of it. And I won’t blame Alice. I’ll blame you.

I said, what I said. And I regret none of it.

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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