'Killing Eve' 3x02 Review: "Management Sucks"

‘Killing Eve’ 3×02 Review: “Management Sucks”

Killing Eve‘s “Management Sucks” gave us an episode chock full of set up for what’s to come next for Villanelle, Eve, and the rest of the gang. Do I wish this episode had a little more action aka Villanelle killing? Yes, it’s Killing Eve after all. But besides that, it was JUST an enjoyable episode.

Last week we did WTF moments from Killing Eve‘s “Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey.” This week around it’s more of interesting moments that stuck with us long after the screen went black. So, without further ado, let’s dive into Killing Eve‘s “Management Sucks”!

1. Watching Eve and Konstantin having a conversation.

It’s always a delight to watch these two characters, that act on completely different sides of good and bad, talk to each other. Sucks that it had to be at Kenny’s wedding and how much do you bet that him approaching Eve was planned? Everything that man does is calculated and like a game of chess where he’s way ahead of you at every turn. But Eve, like Villanelle, throws Konstantin off his game with her ballsyness and we’re here for it!

2. Eve brushing off Carolyn at Kenny’s funeral.

First of all, Eve’s face. It’s perfection and the exactly same feeling we would have if Carolyn came upon us. For goodness sake, her son just died and she’s acting like it doesn’t even matter. And yes, I know she’s strong AF and needs to keep her composure because she’s a woman in a male dominated field. But she wasn’t showing ANYTHING at the funeral of her own son. If anything, Eve was more distraught and upset at Kenny’s death.

3. Villanelle in her new home.

Leave it to Villanelle to choose the fanciest house on the block to reside in and to let her inner singer out. She’s asked to be a Keeper and this is just how Keepers are treated. Right? Right?! Also, no sign of Villanelle’s wife or others of the Twelve sticking their noses in Villanelle’s business? Sounds suspicious and I’d be watching my back if I were her. The wife can disturb Villanelle’s carefully curated life. The Twelve, well I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that they’re just keeping her around until she’s no longer use to them. Mark my words.

4. Paul and his bullshit.

I know I just called out Carolyn for not having any emotions but this scene with Paul gave me perspective. Who am I to judge how a mother grieves her child? More importantly, who is Paul to judge how much time Carolyn needs? Sure, she walked in and her shirt was not buttoned right, what a scandal, but she’s still a capable AF woman who gets shit done. Paul’s just jealous and wishes he could be an ounce like Carolyn. There, I said it!

5. Villanelle reminiscing about love.

The way that I feel about Villaneve doesn’t matter in this moment. What does matter is Villanelle’s reaction to unrequited love. It hit her like a wrecking ball and just for a moment she remembered the love and bond she shared with Eve. Was it a twisted hot mess? Yes. But it was Villanelle’s twisted hot mess and she’s allowed to reminisce about it whenever she wants, especially if it gives us moments like this aka Jodie killing it.

6. Villanelle looking all cute as a clown.

Sure, she just shot two people in this exact moment, but doesn’t she look absolutely adorable? These two things can be true at the same time. Kudos to the design department for the hard work that they put into this outfit, from her big ol’ shoes to her blushing cheeks. All of this was made even better when she told off that kid and then yelled at the ones following her. Definitely gave some kids nightmares about clowns, how much do you wanna bet?

7. Villanelle realizing that Eve is alive.

There was a tear, people. There was also a laugh afterwards but we need to focus on the tear. Does that mean that Villanelle was relieved at the news that Eve was still alive? Or was she angry that she didn’t kill Eve like she thought she had? Either way, there’s some true emotion there that speaks to the fact that Villanelle, in her own twisted way, still cares for Eve. And you know there’s no way that Villanelle will stay away. She’ll find her way back to Eve, one way or another, and that’s where the shit show will continue!

Killing Eve airs Sundays at 9/8c on BBC America.

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