'Vagrant Queen' 1x06 Review: "Requiem for Republic"

‘Vagrant Queen’ 1×06 Review: “Requiem for Republic”

Let me just start off by saying that if you’re looking for Lazlo in this Vagrant Queen review for “Requiem for Republic” then you’ve come to the wrong place. It’s not that I hate Lazlo. I like how crazy and different he is. And he exemplifies being a villain like no other I’ve seen before. But you won’t find much about him in this review for Vagrant Queen because my heart is stuck on what happened on Wix, even if it seems like not a lot happened. Plenty happened and I’m still not over the pain that we saw in Elida over what happened with Isaac.

Elida trusted Isaac. She forgave him for his previous transgressions and decided to see the better in him. And now, well now she regrets doing so because it led to Lazlo having the weapon needed to take over the universe and our team stuck on a planet with a rickety old ship that looks like it’ll barely lift off. That’s why her visions are all about Lazlo and why he tortured her poisoned psyche. She feels responsible and stuck in an impossible situation that was the making of others.

And it’s not like I don’t understand Isaac. From what we saw in his flashbacks, he suffered a shocking loss when his family was ripped away from him. He had a wife that was just on the cusp of having a baby and his life was looking up. All of a sudden he was on the opposite side of the galaxy with no one at his side or with his back. Things changed for the better when he met Elida and then Amae.

Lazaro also, don’t kill me or this one, kind of put Isaac in an impossible situation. Yes, he should’ve told his friends ASAP and realized that him getting an actual ship to get home was an actual pipe dream. But there was nothing that Isaac could do because Lazaro was watching his every move. Still doesn’t make what happened any less fucked up, but I understand and see where everyone is coming from and why in Vagrant Queen.

The real MVP of this episode was Amae. Oh my sweet summer badass child. She doesn’t have to stay with Elida and Isaac. She doesn’t have to fight for the galaxy. She doesn’t have to fix up the ship. But she chooses to do so because it’s the right thing to do and there’s no way she’s letting Elida face this life alone. Even when she was talking to Isaac or her brother. *grabs tissues* She’s the best of us all, telling her brother that this is what she has to do, not just for the galaxy, but for the home that they lost.

Right now, Elida might not want company. She might want to disappear into another ship, another world, and not hear from anyone again. But I think Amae is her soft spot, always has been. And I don’t mean this in a bad way. I mean that Elida respects Amae and thinks the world of her. So, even though she’s really pissed at Isaac and doesn’t want to hang out with Amae because she doesn’t want to see her get hurt. I think at one point or another, Amae will break through her hard shell, like she’s done before, and show Elida that she is loved, thought about, and needed by those around her.

So, what comes next for our team of misfits? Isaac has decided to be 2.0 version of himself that has his friends backs. And if Amae trusts him, please don’t kill me again, then I trust him. He now knows that there’s no way for him to get home and that he better preserve the relationships he has now if he wants to have any semblance of a good life. As for Amae, we know that our loyal and kind goober is going to bring everyone together with her kindness, spirit, and her “I’m not taking your shit” attitude. I said what I said.

The hardest one to crack and the one that will cause the most problems is Elida. I mean, who wouldn’t feel distrusting after what happened. But leaving her people, hell, leaving Amae after everything she’s done for Elida, is kind of unfair and messed up. But again, shit went down nasty, she was lied to left and right, and she lost some of the only people left in the universe that she trusted. What Elida needs is patience, love, and kindness. And we all know she’s going to get it from Amae. *swoon alert*

I guess Isaac too.

Vagrant Queen airs Thursdays at 11/10 pm on Syfy.

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