Lauren Hough Shows us what not to do on Book Twitter

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  1. Lisa says:

    Great post here, really enjoyed reading it to get your take on the incident, but one large point of contention.

    You stated, “Also, spamming a book with 1-star reviews without reading it just because you have personal issues with the author is not cool.” and not only could I not disagree more, but I suspect even Ms. Hough would disagree too, if she were asked whether an enemy of one of her causes ought to have their book down-rated after they made horribly insensitive comments. The way she conducted herself in her tweets was absolutely reprehensible toward r* survivors, and is exactly the sort of thing people deserve to get taken down a few notches for on their self-important podium. Giving Ms. Hough’s book a 1 star review without reading it is a form of tearing down statues of historical oppressors. It’s a valid and important way for the common people to express disgust with highly inappropriate behaviour, and is completely warranted in this instance.

  2. Carol says:

    Hi like Lisa, I enjoyed your post, but I don’t altogether agree with it.
    “I doubt that Lauren Hough wanted these reviewers to get hate – it’s actually pretty hard to track down individual Goodreads users from a screenshot like that”

    Not when you know one of the reviewers it isn’t. I recognised one of the avatars. Reasonably well known reviewer on Goodreads who writes thoughtful reviewers. & she was going to round up to 5★. I believe she has taken her review down.

  3. Bob says:

    I really hope you’ve taken the time to read something, anything about Lauren since writing this. It would have been great to do some background research prior to writing this so as to avoid some of the more cringeworthy statements. I imagine it will feel truly awful to have written “to show her what a real hate mob looks like” in hindsight. It’s worth questioning how much projection you and others have done onto this person, and how much entitlement one must feel to write this many words about a person without reading so much as a Wikipedia page on their subject.

  4. LilyBart says:

    I don’t believe a publisher would dare drop a minority woman author for a twitter rant. Cis or otherwise.

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