‘New Amsterdam’ 4×03 Review: “Same As It Ever Was”

New Amsterdam
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  1. Angie says:

    I feel like we’re looking at Karen’s talk with Helen in a completely different manner. Karen was basically telling Helen there is only ONE reason you guys should move in together and that’s because you love each other. The small stuff doesn’t matter and if the small stuff is taking that much importance over everything else, then yes, maybe it’s not the right relationship – it was a very realistic conversation. Just because one has to hear the hard truth sometimes about a relationship, it doesn’t mean that the advice is “poisonous venom”.

    I do think that’s the conversation that helped Helen decide because she was all in with Max, nothing else mattered and that’s why she chose to move in with him.

  2. Shana says:

    You could very well be right. Considering the terrible headspace I was in when I watched this and did the review, I could have been more willing to interpret it negatively. The “poisonous venom” line actually came from…stuff that was going on elsewhere, to say the least. Karen hasn’t exactly always been Max’s biggest fan, though, so her being the one to give the hard advice probably didn’t help with the interpretation either.

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