‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Season 17 Is Coming…And We’re Already Judging It

So You Think You Can Dance season 17 judges
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  1. Susan says:

    And last night proves you correct. We didn’t even see much dancing due to the “stories” told about 4 contestants and then 2 second clips of other contestants. I come for the dancing!! I have watched and sold others on this show over the years, but if things don’t step up, this train is leaving the station.

  2. Shana says:

    I truly could have done without the whole “here’s my super hella fancy home. Oh! And also, I like to drive the fast cars” thing that seemed to take up the majority of the one contestant’s time. I do, however, believe the bit at the end was important to show and was really impressed someone at the show understood the need for a trigger warning.

    I seem to recall, in the past, that unique stories worth telling got told…while others, just your regular dancer-kid stuff, didn’t. It would be nice if we could find our way back to that kind of balance. It would also be nice if whoever is promoting the show actually knew which moments were worthy of social media gifs and which weren’t. Konnor’s audition was fantastic; you never would’ve known it from the social media manager being al, “omgz!!1” about the world’s most basic backflip. Seemed to be the case across the board. Nobody comes to SYTYCD for “tricks,” especially not the most poorly done ones in the solos. Shame FOX doesn’t get that.

    And the judges weren’t horrible. Just…no offense to them, but those seats aren’t theirs—especially that middle one. That’s Nigel’s chair.

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