5 Things We Need For Elliot Stabler In ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Season 3

what we want to see for Elliot Stabler in Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3
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  1. Kh says:

    So good to see you write about our favorite zaddy again.

    Yes. Continuity between the two shows. That’s it.

    And maybe a scene where first Elliot has to tell Olivia everything he did in the years he was gone, before Olivia ever has to open up her history.

    Starting with why he left. That most likely was a choice between what Elliot wanted and what his family needed.
    Maybe he went to Montana to work on a farm of an old buddy from the Marines or something else, but out of New York. To get away from everything.

    Then there has to be a clear picture of where he was 2013-2014. Maybe in Africa, helping women affected by sexual violence in warzones. I don’t know maybe the whole family decided to go, including the adult kids who took a gap year. So they never got the word of WL.
    Maybe throw in a reference to one of Elliot’s many siblings, let’s say he runs resettlement camp in South Sudan and asked Elliot to help out.

    I think at the end it would be easier for Olivia to accept that at least he was doing something good in that time, helping others, if not her. I think with her passion for sexual violence victims, she might almost be happy that he was doing what he was doing, helping people who are worse off.

    Then they can move him to private security in Europe to earn all his fancy tastes and good money.

    And finally they have to find a way to show why did he come back. What made him rejoin NYPD? Was it in 2017?
    Why decide to see Olivia in 2021. Maybe can’t fight the feeling anymore? But now they have to tie in that stupid letter.

    P.s. July 14 changed me… First I was like what!!! My eyes… I can’t believe my eyes!!! Then I was like replay, replay, replay. That ad was so funny. It still brings a goofy grin to my face.

    1. Shana says:

      Ha! I figured I had to get back to it eventually, so I might as well do some editorials as warmups t o get my Zaddy-thirsting mojo back.

      I Like the idea of him doing literally anything GOOD in the world, especially related to victims, as his reason for not knowing about WL. My working theory/fear has been that Bernie saw the news, tried to contact him, and was basically gaslit by the rest of the family so he wouldn’t go back. I really want to be wrong, and I truly hope (unlike that stupid AF letter) there’s something creative, meaningful, and true to the journey there.

      And, regardless of what answers we get — assuming we even get them at this point — I’m still always going to think it was disgustingly out of character to not at least send a freaking EMAIL after what happened. Like, come on.

      There’s so much ground to cover, and I really feel like…Even if individual episodes and arcs of the (“Marsha” voice) “SO SEPARATE” shows were, overall, really strong, a lot of last season was a waste. It’s been a whole year with basically zero conversations, stupid AF letter aside, and that’s just not ok in the end. What was the point in bringing this character back to this universe, after all this time, if the development wasn’t an option, right???

      And yeah…July 14. Was. A. Lot.

  2. Kh says:

    Yes the individual shows had good arcs.
    I wonder if the shows were waiting out the departure of WL before bringing these two fools in love truly back together. And they called it as Olivia giving Elliot space and time to recover from Kathy.

    I would say the Albanian arc saw Elliot put away his ring. So there was some progress. And at the end of the Brotherhood arc, he was packing up Kathy photo alongwith his desk stuff. I am interested to see if a new photo replaces it, likely one with his kids, mom and grandkids.

    I think they have brought him to a place where he can fully pursue Olivia, and even if she keeps saying no (out of fear of being hurt again), he remains unfazed and keeps asking for her personal time. He has to win her back now, after all that has happened in 24 years.

    I am glad you like the idea of him doing something good for the victims as the reason for not being there. I hope the creators think the same way.

    P.s. Not even an email. Because internet was hard to come by at the resettlement camp. And Mama was having an episode in 2013/2014, which made her not realize what exactly happened to Olivia. She thought Olivia died and Elliot was at her funeral, that she missed. Besides who watches news all the time, especially local news?
    Am I going to defend Elliot Stabler to the very end? Yes I am.

    1. Shana says:

      I mean…The type of thing that happened to Liv would’ve been all over the news, both local and national — especially when nobody had any idea where she was — most likely, and not even during regular “news” blocks. But otherwise, good points.

  3. Kh says:

    Yeah. Then I go with family in some foreign remote place with unreliable internet and Bernie having an episode during the time. So they miss the news.

  4. Kavs says:

    Hi Shana, I have been reading your write ups for a while and really enjoy them. Thank you and keep writing.

    For OC, I was hoping they would do a fictionalized version of investigating Charlottesville or January 6 type of events scaled down to NYC so that NYPD would have to handle it. OC should be able to tackle such a complex web (with so many different organizations and characters involved), since they do multi-episode arcs. They could even have SVU handle the fictionalized Alex Jones/Kyle Rittenhouse portions and have a reason for OC and SVU to work together.

    I also think it would be fun to have Rafael Barba as DA/ADA for OC. I got this inspiration after watching Merrick Garland press conference defending the integrity of the justice department this week. Rafael Barba channeling Merrick Garland. And a chance for Stabler and Barba to get to know each other from having to work together.

    1. Shana says:

      First off, thank you!

      I worry about the big recent events because SVU has often covered them with…not the greatest track record of success. But you’re right in terms of OC’s multi-episode arcs being a much better format for handling those. If any series in the Law & Order universe could be successful in that regard, OC and its format would absolutely be the way to go.

      And I LOVE the idea of Barba getting to know the real Elliot, or maybe just his better side since the other stuff is still part of what makes him a human character, through having to work together. That would obviously do a great service in terms of working to repair the damage done on SVU. Getting him back into the DA’s office, specifically, might be a sticky plot wrinkle. But, considering some of the completely baffling choices with no follow through that have happened in the past, I’d probably be willing to let it go if it meant for good character work.

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