It’s Almost Time to Say Goodbye To Jack Ryan

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  1. Jim Brown says:

    I love Tom Clancy’s spy novels (for reading and watching the adaptations) so it’s great that John Krasinski returns as CIA agent Jack Ryan for a final season. It should prove well worth the wait. If you haven’t seen the earlier productions or read Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels do so and you won’t be disappointed. If you loved Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne or Edward Burlington in the fact based spy thriller Beyond Enkription in The Burlington Files series by Bill Fairclough (MI6 codename JJ) you will like all the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan books and films. See TheBurlingtonFiles website and read Beyond Enkription about a real spy on the run from London to Port au Prince and back. See TheBurlingtonFiles news dated 31 October 2022 about Pemberton’s People, ungentlemanly spies in MI6, and if you are shocked best read Beyond Enkription too!

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