This week’s Blacklist, “The Harem”, is yet another “case of the week” episode, showing that the creators know when the show really shines. Liz is given the task of infiltrating a group of female criminals, and I can’t wait to see some bad-ass women taking center stage. The promo photosRead More →

“The Forecaster” definitely lived up to expectations, delivering a successful return to the “case of the week” format. It was incredibly refreshing to see the team back together solving a case, with little to no over-arching drama involved. The case itself was delightfully creepy with a twist. It looked likeRead More →

NBC has released a series of promotional images in preparation for the new episode titled “The Forecaster”. It looks like this will be an episode that returns to the “case of the week” format rather than focusing on the mythology of the show. So much time has been spent onRead More →

The promotional photos and trailer for Lipet’s Seafood Company heavily focused on the fact that there was a mole inside the team, but it turns out that it wasn’t the kind of mole we were expecting. Samar was revealed as the spy, but she was working with another intelligence agencyRead More →

After a short hiatus, The Blacklist returns tomorrow night with Lipet’s Seafood Company, the first episode since the fall finale. The trailer promised an action packed episode in which it will be revealed which member of the team has been a mole all along, and the promotional photos reinforce this.Read More →

So next week is  the fall finale, and “Dr. Adrian Shaw” left us with just as many questions as we had at the start of the season. The mystery of who Liz’s father is was solved, right? Wrong. We thought the DNA test that Liz was given a few episodesRead More →

Tonight’s, “Dr. Adrian Shaw” is the second to last episode before the fall break. We all know that The Blacklist gets crazy leading up to and during every finale, so we can expect intense episodes tonight and next Thursday. Last week, we finally saw Agnes returned safely home, and KirkRead More →

Tonight in “The Thrushes” the moment we’ve all been waiting for happened. That’s right, they finally got Agnes back!!!!!! It feels like it’s been an eternity and a half since they first started looking for her, but Red’s work finally paid off. When Kirk was holding Agnes and standing onRead More →

So “The Lindquist Concern” has come and gone, and you guessed it, we still don’t have any answers. Once again, Agnes wasn’t rescued, but again, they’re getting closer and closer. Also, the DNA test that we all thought might finally bring to rest the issue of who Liz’s father isRead More →

So “Gaia” has come and gone, and Kirk still has Agnes. It looked like the team might finally bring her home this time, but largely thanks to Tom, Agnes is just as far away as ever. When Liz told him not to trace the link to the video that KirkRead More →

Last week, Liz returned to the task force for the first time, and we found out what Kirk’s true motivation for his obsession with her was. In tonight’s episode “Gaia,” the team is getting closer to bringing Agnes home. I’m honestly surprised that Agnes hasn’t been rescued already, considering howRead More →

In Thursday’s episode “Miles McGrath” the team and Red continued the hunt for Agnes. Red is still adamant about working on his own, and because of everything that has happened tensions are understandably high. Let’s talk about Donald Ressler for a minute. He has done everything that has been requiredRead More →

Last week, we saw Red go completely off the rails in order to bring Liz home. He was successful as usual, but this success came at a very high self-imposed price, (you all know I’m talking about his attempted assassination of Mr.Kaplan). Tonight in “Miles McGrath” Red continues his crusadeRead More →

There’s a lot to talk about from last night’s episode “Mato”, so let’s break it down into a few key moments. We all knew that Red would become completely unhinged in the hunt for Liz, but I for one didn’t think he would go as far as he did inRead More →

After last week’s riveting premiere, it’s time to prepare for episode two, “Mato”. Once again we were left with a number of questions. The biggest one of those being, what happened to Red, Dembe, and Kaplan after the car crash, and where has Agnes been taken now? One thing isRead More →

Last night finally saw the return of the Blacklist that fans have been dying for. The season premiered with the explosive “Esteban,” and episode that had me on the edge of my seat with my mouth hanging open in shock multiple times, as I’m sure happened to many of you. FromRead More →

As the writers of the Blacklist love to do, they left us last season with a tantalizing cliff hanger. Tonight, it’s finally time to continue the story in the season 4 premiere “Esteban”. Is the man who kidnapped Liz really her father? How will the rest of the team backRead More →