Book Review: ‘Something in the Heir’ by Suzanne Enoch

If you’re like us and are still waiting for Bridgerton Season 3, Suzanne Enoch’s ‘Something in the Heir’ just might hold you over.

Book Review: ‘Eight Nights of Flirting’ by Hannah Reynolds

Hanukkah can officially begin with Hannah Reyonlds’ Eight Nights of Flirting. Read on for our full review!

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‘Perfect Addiction’ Official Teaser Trailer is Here & We’re Ready to Step Into the Ring

The official teaser trailer for ‘Perfect Addiction’ has us ready to step into the ring. Well, we are figuratively speaking, at least.

Brianna Joy Crump Talks Of Cages and Crowns & What’s Next

We talked to Brianna Joy Crump about her first book, Of Cages and Crowns, what’s next for Monroe’s story and what inspired the book.

Guest Post: Duality in Victorian Morality by Amalie Howard

We’re hosting author Amalie Howard to discuss the issue of Victorian morality, as it relates to our favorite genre — romance.

See The First Look Pic For Saoirse Ronan’s Upcoming Movie, ‘The Outrun’

We love a first look at a movie, especially when it’s got Saoirse Ronan in it AND she’s got brightly colored hair.

Book Review: ‘The Banned Bookshop Of Maggie Banks’ By Shauna Robinson

Right now, one of the most talked about issues in the literary world is the new campaign to ban books that some people deem inappropriate. This creates a problem for various reasons. First of all, it’s another form of censorship.…

The Title And Release Date For Prince Harry’s Memoir Are Here

We often wonder who comes up with titles. We know that it can’t be easy to have to name a book, a song, or hell, even a website. We know how hard it can be. However for some people it…

See The Official Trailer For Passionflix’s ‘Torn’

Some people are looking for a little love with their Halloween. That’s where Passionflix comes in with their paranormal romance Torn.

Book Review: ‘Dating Dr. Dil’ by Nisha Sharma

Fake dating, friendship, maybe love? What could go wrong? Oh, and a pani puri contest. Nisha Sharma’s Dating Dr. Dil has it all.

Book Review: ‘Blood Moon Prophecy: The Legend of the Nyx’ By Dilani Kahawala

Blood Moon Prophecy: The Legend of the Nyx by Dilani Kahawala is a young adult fantasy book that is a breath of fresh air for the genre.

Sara Bennett Wealer Talks ‘Grave Things Like Love’ and Tackling A Character With Anxiety

Sara Bennett Wealer talked to Fangirlish about her book “Grave Things Like Love” and writing a character with anxiety.

Zoulfa Katouh Talks As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow And Hope as A Driving Message

We talked to Zoulfa Katouh about her debut “As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow” and telling a message of hope set in the Syrian revolution.

Queerly Not Straight: 10 LGBTQ+ Books Coming Out This October

With Fall here, Queerly Not Straight has 10 LGBTQ+ books that are releasing this October to quench your reading needs.

Book Review: Reset by Sarina Dahlan

Sarina Dahlan’s Reset is a book about who memory, about love, and about the things that make us, well …us, for better or worse.

A Book Convention That Celebrates Diversity Is Heading To California

Conventions are fun. Especially book conventions. I have been attending them since 2013 and haven’t stopped since. They’re great because you get the opportunity to see some of your favorites in person and you’re in a room full of people…

‘The Idea Of You’ Movie Adaptation Has Found Its Hayes Campbell

Robinne Lee’s book The Idea of You is one of our absolute favorites. As I’ve mentioned before, when I read it in 2017 it left me with the longest book hangover of my life. I recently did a re-read for…

Book Review: ‘The Year Without A Summer’ By Arlene Mark

We wanted to love #TheYearWithoutSummer, but we found ourselves feeling like some parts were forced, taking us out of the story.

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