On the season’s penultimate episode, The Handmaid’s Tale 2×12 “Postpartum,” the narrative’s attention expands beyond June and Holly to include Eden, Emily, and Nick. It is a wise set-up as it provides some relief from the emotional hyper-focus on our protagonist, while also linking us back to the core relationshipsRead More →


After each episode of The Handmaid’s Tale, I am sure that the stunning visual and musical imagery, poetry in the form of a television episode, cannot be topped. Then I watch the next episode. The Handmaid’s Tale 2×07 “After” once again sets the standard for visual storytelling. The opening sequenceRead More →

Golden Globe and Emmy winning series The Handmaid’s Tale returns for Season 2 on April 25th. The recently released promo makes me bloody excited for the return of the harrowing allegory. Here is my take on the promo and what it means about what we can look forward to fromRead More →

In just three episodes, The Handmaid’s Tale has solidified itself as one of the best new TV series of 2017. While episodes one and two are jaw-dropping, episode three of The Handmaid’s Tale entitled “Late” will leave you speechless. There are several key performances in this latest installment that make it theRead More →

During televisions long history there have been several shows that have been so timely it’s scary. All in the Family discussed politics in the 1970s, Homeland deals with our greatest fears with terrorism, but there is something eerily timely about The Handmaid’s Tale and the conversation it’s exploring. Set inRead More →

After sobbing through Richard’s funeral in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’s “Winter,” “Spring” is one of the more uplifting portions of the revival. While this episode deals with Lorelai and Emily continuing to work through their issues and Rory struggling to find herself, it’s essentially a love letterRead More →

It’s time to dust off our coffee mugs and head back to Stars Hollow, because Netflix has confirmed that they are reviving the much-loved series, Gilmore Girls. OY with the poodles, already! See you on set, Amy Sherman-Palladino, @thelaurengraham @alexisbledel. #GilmoreGirls pic.twitter.com/kM36J1JVgV — Netflix US (@netflix) January 29, 2016 OriginalRead More →