I just finished Love Life and to be honest, I fell hard. This show made me look at love from a different angle. And that says a lot when you’re pretty much the biggest cynic on love, EVER. The first season, which stars Anna Kendrick, explores one woman’s relationships asRead More →


Everything goes back to Twilight. You’ll never be able to convince me otherwise. But if you’re like me and Twilight was one of your favorite fandoms ever, you’re okay with that. And you love the shit out of all of the cast, so it doesn’t really matter what they doRead More →

HBO Max is live, and that means that Anna Kendrick‘s new show, Love Life is there also. Anna stars in a considerable amount of rom-com’s and one has to wonder, what is her stance on love? In talking to Emmy Magazine the actress was asked what she thinks of soulmatesRead More →

I love Twitter. I love some Twitter I should say. Celebrity Twitter always entertains me. It always makes me laugh or scream or honestly, try to find ways to be more witty. Over the years, one person that continues to up her Twitter game, even though she doesn’t tweet aRead More →