When the trailer for Crazy Rich Asians dropped last year, I wept genuine tears at two minutes of a romantic comedy. When the movie finally dropped that August, I enlisted my entire Vietnamese extended family to support a Gold Open in our corner of the Greater Toronto Area: we wentRead More →


  2018 was a great year for movies. We got great representation for many underrepresented groups, we got fun musicals, amazing rom-coms, and so many iconic moments. Some of them made us cry, others made us laugh, others made us stand up and cheer for our favourite characters. It wasRead More →

2018 was a landmark year for some of our favorite movies. From Black Panther to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, diversity has become something more than just people talking about change. Studios, writers, and creators are MAKING change and allowing communities to see themselves, maybe for the firstRead More →