Emily Bett Rickards

While I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Arrow over these past seven years, it’s the good that outweighs the bad given everything that this show has done for me, in terms of my personal and professional life. While I stepped back from writing Arrow reviews in its final season — and vowed I wouldn’tRead More →


  The premiere of Arrow‘s final season is just around the corner! There is very little time left before our last season premiere. Before season 8 starts, we wanted to discuss the 5 things we most want to see in the season to come. It’s been difficult to choose just five,Read More →

Who run the world? Girls! That was so, like five years ago, but it still resonates today. 18th century healers, 21st century doctors, scientists, generals aliens and the list goes on! Damn- women truly kicked ass on television and on the big screen.  Here are just some of our favoriteRead More →

Break-out star, supporting actor/actress, whatever you want to call it, you know it when you see it. It’s the magic created by the character who isn’t billed as the star, but most certainly has the screen presence to command any scene. Whether their ability lies in their sly humor, theirRead More →

As we’re now two weeks into this five month hiatus, all we can do at this point is speculate about what awaits our favorite characters on Arrow. After a disappointing season 5, we’re left hoping that the writers will capitalize on the show’s strengths and hit some storylines that they’veRead More →

In TV, shows in their second seasons are always worried about the “sophomore slump”. For those wondering, that is the phrase used when a show has a subpar second season compared to its really good first season. It makes me so happy to say that Legends of Tomorrow did notRead More →

Arrow‘s unmasked superhero is about to get the costumed treatment in an upcoming episode of Legends of Tomorrow. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim shared concept art from Tuesday’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow that features Arrow‘s Felicity Smoak as a masked superhero. Concept art from next week’s Legends of Tomorrow… pic.twitter.com/9kJLjwjZNORead More →

Following the season four finale, Oliver and Felicity were the lone remaining members of Team Arrow left behind following what was easily a tumultuous season that tugged at the heartstrings of characters and audience alike. But with Diggle, Thea, and Quentin’s departures, Oliver is left alone on the battlefield, whichRead More →

While Arrow is essentially Oliver Queen’s origin story from vigilante to Green Arrow, let’s get one thing straight: Arrow has never been just about Oliver Queen. From the start we dove into the stories of Laurel Lance, Thea Queen, Tommy Merlyn, and more. While Oliver has and will always beRead More →