‘Outlander’ 7×08 Review: “Turning Points”

Outlander 7×08 “Turning Points” works as a well-rounded mid-season finale that plants seeds for the future with love, action, and emotion.

‘Outlander’ 7×08 Preview: “Turning Points”

In Outlander 7×08 “Turning Points“ Jamie & Claire must face loss, hope, and some broken promises as Roger & Brianna try to find Jem.

‘Outlander’ 7×07 Review: “A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers”

In Outlander 7×07 “A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers” Roger & Brianna trust who they shouldn’t and the Frasers battle on opposite sides.

‘Outlander’ 7×07 Preview: “A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers”

In Outlander 7×07 “A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers” Jamie & Claire prepare to engage British forces for the first time. We preview!

‘Outlander’ 7×06 Review: “Where the Waters Meet”

Outlander 7×06 “Where the Waters Meet” advances the story almost imperceptibly while making our hearts ache. We review!

‘Outlander’ 7×06 Preview: “Where the Waters Meet”

In Outlander 7×06 “Where the Waters Meet,” Jamie & Claire help guide all the civilians who escape from Ticonderoga but is not as easy.

‘Outlander’ 7×05 Review: “Singapore”

Outlander 7×05 “Singapore” gives us clues to the future as the parallel between the present and the past is stronger than ever. We review!

‘Outlander’ 7×05 Preview: “Singapore”

In Outlander 7×05 “Singapore,” Jamie & Claire find themselves trapped in Ticonderoga as they prepare for battle with the British army.

‘Outlander’ 7×04 Review: “A Most Uncomfortable Woman”

Outlander 7×04 “A Most Uncomfortable Woman” is a transitional episode but contains some forward-looking plot developments.

‘Outlander’ 7×03 Review: “Death Be Not Proud”

In Outlander 7×03 “Death Be Not Proud” the Frasers lose everything but hold hands while the storm passes and get up again.

STARZ Shares a New Jamie & Claire Video in ‘Outlander’ 7×03

Outlander 7×03 “Death Be Not Proud” is almost here! To warm up engines, STARZ shared a clip of what awaits us in the episode.

‘Outlander’ 7×02 BTS Clip Show Us All the Secrets

We are rewatching Outlander 7×02 on a loop! After this amazing episode, we wanted to know more about it. A BTS video gives us all the answers

‘Outlander’ 7×03 Preview: “Death Be Not Proud”

In Outlander 7×03 Preview: “Death Be Not Proud” we discover the Bug’s secrets while Brianna and Roger find a link with their parents.

‘Outlander’ 7×02 Review: “The Happiest Place on Earth”

Outlander 7×02 “The Happiest Place on Earth” is one of the best episodes of the show and leaves your skin crawling with emotion. We review!

‘Outlander’ 7×02 Preview: “The Happiest Place on Earth”

In Outlander 7×02 “The Happiest Place on Earth” Brianna gives birth but there is something that is not quite right with the little girl.

‘Outlander’ 7×01 Review: “A Life Well Lost”

Outlander 7×01 “A Life Well Lost” connects the dots with season 6 while demonstrating that Jamie and Claire are a force of nature.

‘Outlander’ Season 7 Advanced Review: “New Beginnings”

Outlander season 7 is incredibly close! And in this advance review we bring you some teasers of everything that awaits you.

‘Outlander’ Season 7 Introduces New Clips on ATX S12

STARZ released the first two clips from the upcoming season 7 of its epic time-traveling series Outlander, in honor of “World Outlander Day!”

‘Outlander’ Season 7 Trailer Hits Us Right in the Feels

Outlander made our day! Season 7 is coming up and STARZ released the trailer for the new season. Honestly, it’s better than we dreamed of!

‘Outlander’ Season 7 Gets a Release Date and First Look!

STARZ announced that Outlander season 7 premiere on June 16! The network also releases the first look and some interesting news.

‘Outlander’ & STARZ Have Bittersweet News For Fans

We’re *almost* celebrating! STARZ announced an eighth and final season of Outlander and has greenlit its sequel Outlander: Blood of My Blood.