Lucas Bravo Talks About That ‘Emily In Paris’ Cliffhanger

If there is a show that we’re looking forward to the return of – it’s Emily in Paris. It’s this writers favorite show on Netflix. The series ended with a huge cliffhanger last season – will Emily stay or leave…

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×02 Review: “Do You Know The Way To St. Tropez?”

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‘Emily In Paris’ 2×01 Review: “Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi?”

Season 2 of Emily In Paris is here and somehow it managed to be better than the first season. We’re not complaining at all.

Netflix Releases Episode Titles For Season 2 Of ‘Emily In Paris’

Season 2 of #EmilyInParis drops on 12/22 & as per the usual genius of Netflix, they creatively dropped the episode titles. See how

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Lily Collins Is Filming The Second Season Of ‘Emily In Paris’

We’re following everything that has to do with the filming of season 2 of Emily in Paris. We’re loving the pics coming out of France.

Season 2 Of ‘Emily In Paris’ Is In Production

No lie, I may have screamed a little loud this AM, because EMILY IN PARIS IS BACK AND IN PRODUCTION! The second season of Emily is Paris is underway. Netflix posted a video of the stars announcing their return. View…

‘Emily in Paris’ Has Been Renewed For A Second Season

Christmas has come early! Emily in Paris has been renewed and our fandom hearts are screaming! Thank you Netflix gods!

‘Emily In Paris’ Star Ashley Park Talks About Having Cancer At 15

Ashley Park is amazing and we’re inspired by her. The actress talks about her cancer diagnosis at 15.

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Threesomes. They are for some people and for some people they aren’t. #EmilyInParis star Lucas Bravo talks about them.

‘Emily In Paris’ – Lily Collins Tells The World How Old Emily Is

Look, I don’t believe that Emily from #EmilyInParis is this young. I am just saying.

‘Emily In Paris’ 1×10: “Cancel Couture”

We’ve come to the end of the season, and if you’re like me – you remember all of the reasons that you love Emily in Paris, the things that you want to come out of the show, and all of…

‘Emily In Paris’ 1×09: “An American In Paris”

You say performance art, I say assault with a paint gun in an expensive dress.

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It’s Friday and that means it’s time to talk ships! This week we’re talking Gabriel and Emily from #EmilyInParis!

‘Emily In Paris’ 1×08: “Family Affair”

Every show has a filler episode, and episode 8 of #EmilyInParis was definitely that for the series.

That Threesome Implication In ‘Emily In Paris’ Was Intentional

Did Gabriel liking the pic of Emily and Camille in bed mean he wanted a threesome? Lucas Bravo weighs in.

‘Emily In Paris’ 1×07: “French Ending”

Sometimes you need a French ending. I mean, there is always a new beginning after an ending.

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Life is lonely, but that doesn’t mean that you settle for the snobby douchebag. We’re holding out for our ship on #EmilyInParis

‘Emily In Paris’ 1×05: “Faux Amis”

I will reiterate you don’t choose the ship, the ship chooses you. And the ship definitely chose me on Episode 5 of #EmilyInParis.

The Internet Has A New Boyfriend: Lucas Bravo

If you haven’t watched Emily In Paris, you need to sit and watch. You’ll meet the internets newest boyfriend, Lucas Bravo.

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Life is getting really complicated for Emily, but hey, when shit gets complicated, that’s when it gets fun.