Fangirlish 2022 End Of Year Lists: Our Favorite Female Friendships

Female friendships may still be hard to come by in TV and film. But this year saw some great progress. We discuss the best of 2022 HERE.

Prime Video Has Canceled ‘Paper Girls,’ and We Aren’t OK

Paper girls may stick together, but Prime Video isn’t holding on. Deadline announced Friday that the sci-fi original series Paper Girls has been canceled by Prime Video after one season. The show, which is based on the comic book series…

‘Paper Girls’ Roundtable Interview: Cliff Chiang and Brian K. Vaughan

‘Paper Girls’ comic creators Cliff Chiang and Brian K. Vaughan discuss bringing the story to the screen in this interview.

‘Paper Girls’ Roundtable Interview: Nate Corddry

Nate Corddry, of Prime Video’s “Paper Girls,” explains the show’s time-travel war and the positive experience of working on a woman-dominated project.

‘Paper Girls’ Roundtable Interview: Adina Porter

Adina Porter, of Prime Video’s “Paper Girls,” discusses her character of Prioress and portraying characters outside of her comfort zone.

‘Paper Girls’ Roundtable Interview: Christopher C. Rogers

‘Paper Girls’ showrunner Christopher C. Rogers discusses his history with the Prime Video series’ source material.

‘Paper Girls’ Roundtable Interview: Riley Lai Nelet and Fina Strazza

Riley Lai Nelet and Fina Strazza of Prime Video’s ‘Paper Girls’ discuss their connections to their characters and telling meaningful stories.

‘Paper Girls’ Season 1 is An Emotional Journey Within a Time-Traveling Adventure

The heartfelt moments of Prime Video’s “Paper Girls” series is what elevates the time-traveling adventure into an even more compelling story.

‘Paper Girls’ Official Trailer Highlights Time Travel Dangers and Dedicated Friendships

The trailer for Prime Video’s “Paper Girls” highlights the surprises, hazards, and bonding opportunities that time travel presents.

‘Paper Girls’ Teaser Trailer Offers Glimpse at Time-Traveling Thrills

Ever wonder what it’d be like to meet your future self? Four time-traveling newsies experience just that in Prime Video’s ‘Paper Girls.’