Finally, I Feel Bad gives us a good episode! The freshman show┬áreverts back to what worked in the pilot episode and even extends it a bit through the smart use of Lily and David as key characters. I Feel Bad 1×08 “I Miss Important Moments,” resuscitates a show I wasRead More →

I am legitimately sorry to say it, but I Feel Bad just got worse. Any show with the star power and talent of Jane Seymour, Debra Jo Rupp, AND Anna Maria Horsford at their disposal that wastes it on nerd bros does not deserve our┬árespect! These actors are masters ofRead More →

I Feel Bad‘s pilot episode “Pilot” feels real good. The freshman show’s second episode, “I Get Sick of Being Needed” gets better. I Feel Bad‘s protagonist Emet, played sleekly and energetically by Sarayu Blue, is a South Asian video game creator and mom-of-three. So right out the gate, I FeelRead More →