Carl Radke Tries To Sound Redeemable Even When He’s Not

The downfall of Bravocon is that we have to hear anything that comes out of Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s mouths. Both have made themselves people that we can’t root for, but then again, after the events of the past…

Hannah Berner Leaving ‘Summer House’

We’re not surprised that Hannah is leaving #SummerHouse and we kinda think its for the best. Read her statement about leaving here.

‘Summer House’ + ‘Southern Charm’ = Everything We Need This Winter

Bravo does ask what we need. It tells us what we need. And 9/10 it is right.

We’re Passing Judgement On The Cast of ‘Summer House’

If you think your life is filled with drama, you’ve got nothing going on compared to all of the people that star in a show on Bravo. Those people see drama and latch onto it like a leech. Hell, most…