‘Chicago Fire’ 11×02 Preview: “Every Scar Tells a Story”

Chicago Fire 11×02 “Every Scar Tells A Story” brings us Javi, more paremedicine and Gallo possible moving on? That’s a lot!

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×01 Review: “Hold On Tight”

Chicago Fire 11×01 “Hold on Tight” fixes one ship, cements another and puts an end to a third one — with all the emotions that entails.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×01 Preview: “Hold On Tight”

Chicago Fire 11×01 “Hold on Tight” feels like a comfort episode, if only because everyone is around and will continue to be.

Chicago Fire 10×22 Review: “The Magnificent City of Chicago”

Chicago Fire 10×22 “The Magnificent City of Chicago” gives us the Stellaride wedding we deserved, and we’re celebrating!

Chicago Fire 10×22 Preview: “The Magnificent City of Chicago”

Chicago Fire 10×22 is here, and so is the Stellaride wedding — which basically means everything is perfect, and nothing hurts.

Chicago Fire 10×21 Review: “The Missing Place”

Chicago Fire 10×21 is about fears, and how the people at the center of this show deal with them — together, always together.

Chicago Fire 10×21 Preview: “The Missing Place”

Chicago Fire 10×21 “The Mussing Place” promises us some Stellaride drama, and hey, as long as it ends well, we can take it.

Chicago Fire 10×20 Review: “Halfway to the Moon”

Chicago Fire 10×20 “Halfway To The Moon” throws a wrench into both Stellaride and Hawkami, but we’re not really worried.

Chicago Fire 10×20 Advance Review: “Halfway to the Moon”

Chicago Fire 10×20 “Halfway to the Moon” brings some unexpected — and unnecessary — conflict, as the season finale nears.

Chicago Fire 10×20 Preview: “Halfway to the Moon”

The pictures for Chicago Fire 10×20 “Halfway to the Moon” don’t give us much, but we’re worried anyway. The season finale is coming.

Chicago Fire 10×19 Review: “Finish What You Started”

Chicago Fire 10×19 “Finish What You Started” is a great episode for the two ships carrying this show: Stellaride and Hawkami.

Chicago Fire 10×17 Review: “Keep You Safe”

Chicago Fire 10×17 “Keep You Safe” is about Stella Kidd, about Hawkami, and about the Joe Cruz family. Basically, it’s a perfect episode.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×17 Advance Review: “Keep You Safe”

Chicago Fire 10×17 “Keep You Safe” is the kind of episode that makes you feel just that — safe. Just like this show always does.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×16 Preview: “Hot and Fast”

Chicago Fire 10×16 is about Hawkami, and about …Wendy Seager? And we’re happy about just one of those things.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×15 Preview: “The Missing Piece”

Chicago Fire 10×15 “The Missing Place” brings back Wendy Seager, and we hope she finally gets a new storyline.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×14 Review: “An Officer With Grit”

Chicago Fire 10×14 “An Officer With Grit” finally gives us the Lt. Kidd we wanted, and let us be clear, Stella Kidd deserves this. Period.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×13 Review: “Fire Cop”

Chicago Fire 10×13 “Fire Cop” is an outstanding episode of television, that allows most characters to shine — in their own way.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×12 Review: “Show of Force”

Chicago Fire 10×12 “Show of Force” gave us not just the Stella Kidd we wanted — and deserved, but the Stellaride too.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×11 Review: “Fog of War”

Chicago Fire 10×11 goes deep into the Stellaride issues, even as the Pelham drama continues to take center stage.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×10 Review: “Back With A Bang”

Chicago Fire 10×10 “Back With A Bang” brings back Stella Kidd full time, and both fixes some of the Stellaride issues and creates new ones.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×08 Review: “What Happened at Whiskey Point”

Chicago Fire 10×08 tries to make us worry about the new Lt. taking Stella’s job, and about Stellaride. They utterly fail at both.