Exclusive Interview: Adam Demos and Victoria Justice

When you get five minutes to talk to Adam Demos & Victoria Justice, naturally we talk about sheep

Netflix Releases A New Picture From ‘A Perfect Pairing’

If we’re being honest, tonights plans include watching a screener of A Perfect Pairing, for research purposes. Also cause we want to see it. Netflix released a new photo from the film – Cute right? We wouldn’t mind Adam Demos…

See The Trailer And Latest Photos From ‘A Perfect Pairing’

Cheesy Rom-Com’s are what we need and this movie looks to fit the bill. Give us #APerfectPairing. We can tell we’re gonna love it hard.

See The First Look At Victoria Justice & Adam Demos Rom-Com ‘A Perfect Pairing’

We love a movie about a girl boss and we love a rom-com. The first look pics of #APerfectPairing make us excited to see this film!

See The Latest Picture From ‘Afterlife Of The Party’

This new picture from #AfterlifeOfTheParty is giving us major #TSwift vibes.

See The Trailer For ‘Afterlife Of The Party’

We love a good Netflix movie night and on September 2nd we’ll be having one! #AfterlifeOfTheParty looks too good

Victoria Justice And Adam Demos In A RomCom? Yes Please!

We’re getting past looking at Victoria Justice as the teenager from Victorious as she embraces romcom roles!

See The Photos For Victoria Justice’s New Movie, ‘After Life Of The Party’

We’re not the life of the party all the time, but we don’t commit party this party foul.

Movie Review: ‘TRUST’ starring Victoria Justice

I have to admit something about the movie TRUST. The first time I saw the trailer and the summary for this movie, the plot didn’t interest me overly much. A movie about infidelity just doesn’t sound like something I’d be…

See The Trailer And Photos For Victoria Justice’s New Movie, ‘Trust’

New York. Paris. Art. Sex. Temptation. We can’t wait to watch it all. See the trailer and photos for #Trust.

Fandom Doppelgängers: Do You Think They Look Alike?

If you’re anything like me, you have a strange habit of seeing celebrity faces everywhere you go. Some of you may even get told rather frequently that you look like a certain celeb (I get told too often I look…