‘Shadowhunters’ SDCC 2017 Interview: Harry Shum Jr., Matthew Daddario & Isaiah Mustafa


We had a chance to talk to Harry Shum Jr., Matthew Daddario & Isaiah Mustafa at San Diego Comic Con, and they teased the reminder of Season 2 of Shadowhunters, the Malec relationship, Luke as a mentor, as well as showed their tremendous camaraderie by joking about, well …everything.

“I think talking about those issues can strengthen an individual,” Shum Jr. teased, in reference to Magnus’ troubled past, while also revealing that sharing with someone else always comes with the fear of “are they going to accept you still?” and confirming that he felt it was a “big step for the relationship.”

As Daddario pointed out, though, we’re only seeing the beginnings of it, so there’s plenty more for the fans of these two.

Mustafa also discussed Luke’s relationship with Maia, caling it not a father-daughter relationship, but seeing himself more in the role of a “mentor” to her, “grooming her to be the pack leader he knows she can be.”

Other than that no one would really tease as much as we would have wanted them to about the end of the season – but that doesn’t mean they didn’t give some hints, so check out the video below and then share your thoughts about what’s coming next with us in the comments!

Shadowhunters airs on Freeform.

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