‘Once Upon A Time’ – Ten things to expect from “Souls of the Departed”

Once Upon a Time finally, finally returns this Sunday. Did I say finally? It’s been forever, right? It sure feels like it has. And not only is our favorite show back, but this Sunday’s episode mark’s the show’s 100th installment. What does that mean? Well, I can’t really tell you, but I’m here to tease a little bit about what’s coming.

You’d rather not know anyway. Trust me. It’s better to watch it. And it’s almost here. We’ve waited for close to three months, what’s a few more days?

Here’s what I can tease about the 100th episode:

1.“Operation Firebird” IS about rescuing Hook, but once in the Underworld, our favorite characters will soon find out that there are other things they could be doing.

2. Snow White and Prince Charming are back to their supportive-parents mode in “Souls of the Departed”, just when Emma most needs them to be. Snow, in particular, seems to have left Mary Margaret back in Storybrooke. Only Warrior Snow came to the Underworld. And she doesn’t give up.

3. James certainly knows how to make an entrance, and how to cause trouble. Expect him and David to butt heads, often. That seems to be James’s agenda in all of this, after all.

4. Rumplestiltskin, as expected, has his own agenda. Bringing him down to the Underworld might have been our heroes’ only chance to get there, but everyone seems very clear on the fact that Rumple is not precisely an ally.

5. Henry has a lot of family, but in this episode, he has a chance to meet someone we never expected him to come face to face with – his namesake, and though the scene is short, it brings ALL THE FEELS.

6. Lana Parilla and Jennifer Morrison both turn in incredibly performances in an episode that pretty much asks them to play the opposite spectrum of emotions. Emma is subdued, sad, determined. Her makeup is minimal, her movements precise. Regina is over the top in her grief and her regrets. Both approaches work very well.

7. Hook makes an appearance, albeit a brief one, and as a fan of the Captain, I’ll just say that he didn’t look so good.

8. There’s a lot “friendship” thrown around in this episode, and none of it feels unwarranted. Yes, as hard as it might have been, and as complicated as some relationships still are, these people are friends. Hell, you might even say they’re family.

9. Regina’s wardrobe is on point, as always. Pay special attention to her red birthday outfit – probably my favorite Regina outfit of ALL TIME.

10. Hades does evil in the way that all good villains do, like it’s an afterthought. Like he’s not really trying.

Once Upon A Time returns to ABC this Sunday, March 6th, at 8/7c.

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