Jason Rothenberg Addresses Lexa Death on ‘The 100’

Let’s be honest…the reaction to Lexa’s death on The 100 has had some undesirable consequences for showrunner Jason Rothenberg. He’s lost thousands of followers, received targeted hate, and questions from passionate fans who were hit hard by her passing. In anticipation of the question storm he’s going to experience at Wondercon, he sat down to address Commander Lexa’s death.

Here’s what he said:

  1. He’s backed down from Twitter. Without a doubt he’s taken note of the tweets, trends, and issues this tragedy has caused. He says he doesn’t want to ‘inflame’ the situation, aka make everyone mad as hell, by trying to shape the conversation into something else.
  2. He asks that people look at it from their perspective. He wants fans to understand that it wasn’t an easy decision and that The 100 staff would never want to hurt their fans. It’s about taking fans on a ride, he says. (Even an emotional one.)
  3. He regrets hyping up Clexa (doesn’t direct say it but implies it.) After everything he’s been exposed to in the last couple weeks he knows the error of his ways. He made it seem like he was promising something definitive and feels remorse at how he made fans feel.
  4. The decision to kill Lexa was an emotional one but he wouldn’t change it. He loves the way it turned out. Apparently Alycia was blown away by it too. It was an incredibly powerful moment that cemented that the Sky People and Grounders are all connected.
  5. This world treats all the same. It isn’t about race, gender, or sexual orientation, he claims. A story needs telling and Jason & Co. have a commitment to adhere to. It’s about survival.
  6. There’s a possibility that Lexa will return in the City of Light. He doesn’t want to give too many details away, and avoid queerbaiting at the same time, but notes that we’ve seen people walk around in the City of Light. Sounds like resolution is coming for fans of Commander Lexa.

Read the whole article HERE.

The 100 returns Thursday, March 31st @ 9/8c on The CW.

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