‘Shadowhunters’ Wondercon: Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr.

One can argue about ships but there is no doubt that Malec is a fan favorite. The relationship has been something that fans have swooned over in the books and continue to swoon over in the show.

Sitting down with Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr. is always a treat. Their natural chemistry and ability to play off each other is always fun. And let’s face it – Matthew Daddario’s humor will make you laugh out loud constantly.

Asked about tonight’s episode of Shadowhunter’s, entitled Malec, Daddario said, “Names can be deceiving. We call our shoes sneakers, but they’re not realy sneaking. You call something Malec, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is what it is.”

We wanted to ask if he had seen the preview.

“Everybody should go into things with an open mind. Don’t speculate too much. Because nothing can destroy a person as much as expectations.” he continues.

Don’t make the fandom worry Daddadrio.

See the interview below –

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