The Myth of Fanservice

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  1. callistawolf says:

    I’ve been saying this so much for the last three years I’m surprised I still have a voice left. The people who want to use this won’t hear otherwise. And so long as they get a reaction from the people they’re using it against, they’ll keep doing it. What CAN help (and what this article will hopefully achieve) is educating everyone else so that when the haters try to pull this out, we can ALL roll our eyes, ignore it and move on. 🙂

  2. Stormie Woods says:

    This was a fantastic article. Truthfully until the past year I never heard the term fan service until getting into Arrow. I just block those people out because I don’t care to change their opinion and they aren’t changing mine. Generally my rule of thumb is to support and love my characters while talking with fellow fans. If I don’t like or care about a character I generally ignore them. It’s far less of a headache than dealing with some of the jerk fan boys.

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