‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 2×05 Review: ‘Captive’

Blood versus bond is explored in Fear The Walking Dead’s ‘Captive.’ Our survivors have been separated against their will and have to tread the waters of their first captive situation! (There should be a punch card for this.) It’s a zombie apocalypse milestone that all survivors must go through. Things can only go uphill from here, right?

Let’s talk about it!

Family bonding takes place all over this episode. From what we know of these characters from season one, they didn’t know each other very well. Travis separated from Chris’ mother and started dating Madison. Chris was a ball of teen angst who didn’t want to be part of his father’s new life. And Madison’s kids knew Travis as the boyfriend, nothing else. In that world they weren’t destined to become family. In this world they are.

It all starts to change in ‘Captive.’

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For the first time we get to see new bonds forming and support being given, without hesitation or question, between these people.

Alicia wouldn’t stop asking for Travis while being held by Jack and his buddies. She wanted to know what had happened to her family and wouldn’t rest until she got answers. Her first priority was all the people on the Abigail and Travis. (BAMF Alert!) Jack was a means to an end when it really came down to it. When she finally got an opportunity to see him, Travis begged her to go for her own safety. His first priority was her as well!

That’s family.

Then there was Madison and Chris. Without a doubt this boy is going through traumatic event after another. First his mother, then a mercy killing, and finally killing Reed. Chris was fixing a mistake, one that he felt immense guilt for, because it contributed to the capture of Alicia and Travis. When Madison spoke to him he latched onto her as a maternal figure and a source of comfort. She’s not asking anything of him like Travis is. Maybe this is his turning point before he goes full Shane. (Like they said on The Talking Dead, we don’t ever go full Shane.)

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While we’re on the Chris train, let’s talk about his conversation with Nick. Our recovering addict saw the struggle in Chris almost instantly. And instead of backing away, because they’re not blood, he comforting the teen. He solidified his faith in Chris and told him to not internalize Reed’s words. Jesse…I mean Reed, was toying with his mind and trying to get a rise out of him. Out of all the bonding that happened in ‘Captive’, this stands as my favorite because of how encouraging Nick is. I see great angst coming for both of them as they become brothers.

Point is, the lines that divided these people are slowly fading away. In the face of the apocalypse they have chosen each other above all. Hell, even Strand’s decision to go after Alicia and Travis shows that he’s opening up to the possibility of caring for these people. And that’s a HUGE step considering how everyone’s been a paranoid jerk to him 75% of the time. (Looking at you Madison and Daniel.)

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Like it’s counterpart The Walking Dead, this show will see these people become stronger the longer they spend together. And as the world transforms around them they’ll change into completely different people with one common goal. To survive and take down the people that dare to threaten their continued existence.


Other Observations:

  1. If you watch The Talking Dead then you’ve been exposed to the glory that is Yvette Nicole Brown. Week after week, this woman is spot on with her observations. She was right about Alex being the one to turn in the Abigail. At the end it wasn’t just Alicia’s fault that Jack and his people found them. It was Travis’ for putting them on the life raft and Strand for cutting the rope.
  2. Over the moon that Strand called out Daniel for questioning why he’s helping people that aren’t his family. Daniel doesn’t owe anything to Madison or the rest of the people on the ship. Yet he stays and helps them anyway. He’s got no right to question Strand and why he’s had a change of heart.
  3. Madison needs to cut the purse strings and give Nick some leeway. The world is changing rapidly and he isn’t a kid anymore. And like any person, the more you restrict him, the more he’ll fight against you. Chill Madison.
  4. There was a notable change in Strand in ‘Captive.’ He sees the value in having others that genuinely care, on his side. They’ll help him get back to his love. On a side note, I really enjoyed how he was just tired and done with everyone. Just let the man sleep!


MVP of the Week: Alicia Clarke

She did what she had to do while watching out for her family. Alicia knows what’s important and is ready to adapt and survive this world.

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Favorite Moment of ‘Captive’

That pregnant girl stealing Alicia’s steak. Don’t worry girl, Alicia’s going to get back at you real soon.

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