‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 2×04 Review: Blood in the Streets

Chaos ensues when strangers take over the Abigail and imprison them in Fear the Walking Dead’s “Blood in the Streets.” Helping others out on the water only leads to your people being kidnapped. Here’s hoping they take this as a life lesson for the future.

Let’s dive right in!

Strand’s got a huge opportunity to tell the other survivors, “I told you so!” after this week’s episode. Maybe he’ll do just that after he gets warmed up and changes clothes after surviving hours in the water.

The flashbacks revealed why he jumped into the water in the first place. He’s got someone waiting for him at home. As soon as those people came on board and he realized that Daniel had taken his weapon away from him, he deemed the Abigail not worth his time or his life. He wasn’t going to die for a group of people that didn’t trust him and were paranoid about him 24/7. Strand was going to survive for the man he left behind during the apocalypse, the man he’s fighting to get home to. 

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It’s enlightening to see that Strand has something he wants to live for. The confidence and charisma that he’s displayed from the beginning has blinded us to the man beneath. He’s not a bad man, directing that at everyone on the Abigail. Strand is a practical survivor who cares for someone deeply. And he’s willing to do what he has to, just to get back to him. His love for Thomas Abigail will be the strength that guides him through all the danger, paranoia (from his ship mates), and walkers of the apocalypse.

It’s enlightening to see that Strand has something he wants to live for.

While I’m usually upset with the Abigail residents for their idiocy, our survivors did pretty well with the invaders on their ship. Despite being three distinct groups before the apocalypse, they worked together and became one in “Blood in the Streets.” Madison showed that she was more like Strand then she’d like to admit, cold and opportunistic. Travis bid his time as they figured out what to do. Ofelia and Chris helped keep the invaders distracted. And Daniel helped deliver a final blow when all the pieces fell together. If they can pull together like this after a week, imagine how dangerous they’d become after a month? A year?

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The people who invaded their ship knew too much about them. It wasn’t just Alicia’s fault that they knew the Abigail was out there in the first place. Someone told them about the dynamics on the ship and gave specific names. Educated guess would have to be Alex and her injured friend on the life raft. They were in the vicinity, left to die by Strand, and had a reason to be angry with the Abigail. Also the invaders interest in Travis was too great. Alicia was saved by Jack. Travis was saved by his skills and the kindness he showed Alex.

The apocalypse isn’t going to take Alicia down.

Talking about Alicia, we’ve got to give her kudos for adapting to the situation that she partially caused. Alicia knew what she was doing every step of the way when talking with Jack. She used their relationship against him to secure her safety and that of her families. The apocalypse isn’t going to take Alicia down. If anything it’s made her stronger, more calculating, and braver. Jack better watch out, Alicia will probably be the one to deliver the killing blow when it comes time to escape her captors.

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Nick continues leaving the Abigail in “Blood in the Streets” because it keeps him distracted. He needs something to feed the hunger in life that plagues his every waking moment. So why not jump into the cold ocean and do something dangerous? If it keeps him away from drugs for just one more minute more, it’s worth it to Nick. But isn’t he just trading one high for another? Also, his continued confrontations with walkers are becoming a problem. He’s discovered the zombie camouflage secret, that’s great. But does he have to continue to stare them down? What’s he looking for when he stares into those dead eyes? Maybe he sees a piece of himself in them.

Once upon a time, a week ago, Nick was a drone. Walking the world without connecting to it because of the numbness he was experiencing. Let’s hope that his curiosity with the walkers ends here and that he doesn’t develop a sympathy for them. Remember Lizzie from The Walking Dead? They’re not your friends, Nick. They’re the walking dead.


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