Fear the Walking Dead 2×09 Review: Los Muertos

Walkers are falling from the sky, Ofelia is ready to check out, and Nick is challenging the local gangs in this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead titled “Los Muertos.” For the second half of the season we’re shuffling the deck and testing out new dynamics and relationships. It’s time to find out what you’ve got to live for at the end of the world and who will stick by your side when things get tough.

If you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll find both, before the walkers find you.


It’s Raining Walkers, Hallelujah

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

Most of the time, drunken shenanigans are left to the teenagers on a show. We attribute their age to the fact that they have no concern or understanding for the danger that lurks just around the corner. That’s why it was so refreshing to see Madison and Victor putting themselves in this coveted (not) position of acting like foolish teenagers.

They poured their woes into tequila, shared secrets, and played the piano in a seemingly deserted bar. And the more tequila they drank, the more they seemed to forget where they were. The bar/entrance to the hotel was sealed up from inside, chairs blocking the doorway in a weak attempt to keep the dead out. (Or maybe in if you consider Alicia and Ofelia’s discoveries.) On top of that, there was flimsy glass around the perimeter for an optimum place to have breakfast if you wanted to catch a little sun before starting your day pre apocalypse.

As soon as Victor started playing, the walkers started slowly swarming. It’s like they were attracted to the sadness, bitter paternal woes, self defeat, and noise coming the pair. (Most likely the latter.) And to be honest, this is the jumpstart they need.

They’ve lost so much and it’s time to reorganize their priorities to survive. No more crying because your child left you, he’s a grown man that made a stupid decision, but it’s his decision. And no more retreating to the suave man you were before meeting Tom. You made the decision to not die with him and you’ve got to live with it.

That’s what “Los Muertos” is really about. Learning to live with the pain and loss around, striving for more, and finding purpose in the aftermath. Sure they’re trapped in a bar, Shaun of the Dead style, but they’ll find there way. It’s only season 2 after all.


Suicidal Ofelia

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

There’s no use playing games. Ofelia is done. Her family is gone and you can see by the slouch of her shoulders that she feels their loss greatly. She gave up love for her family. She stayed with her family. They were her everything and now that they’re gone, she feels like there is nothing else to live for.

She looks at the man in the shower and sees an opportunity to finish it all and close this chapter of her life. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know for sure that she’ll ever see her family again in heaven. She just wants the loneliness to end.

Alicia notices this loneliness, but not the intent behind Ofelia’s curiosity of this man. Her comforting and assertion that she’s family are honest confessions of a girl who still sees things in black and white. (Not saying that she doesn’t understand the complexity of life. Just saying that Alicia is just starting her journey and she’s got lots to learn.)

Despite the scare that falling walker gave us, Ofelia isn’t dead. She’s someone who has learned to adapt to situations. She just needs to adapt to this one, remember that her father and mother would want her to keep going, and that she is not alone.

Alicia, Madison, and Victor are her new family.


That Candy Better Be Worth It Nick

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

Admit it, Nick getting that cake thing for the little girl, was cute as hell. If I could pop into the show, I’d be swooning right then and there. Unfortunately, it was also stupid as hell.

In trying to earn his place he put his new home in danger. Since the apocalypse started, Luciana’s community has worked with these drug dealers. And they kept outsiders out of their community by being submissive and minding their own business. Nick just mucked it up.

There’s no doubt that the drug dealers Nick stole from have followed them back home. It’d be foolish if they didn’t. Nick made a fool of their leader, their organization, and if they don’t squash him like a little bug they risk others following in his footsteps. It’s all about control.

“Los Muertos” helped clue us in what kind of community Nick has fallen into. They sacrifice the bitten to a wall of walkers for protection. They believe they are the chosen. And they have no fear of death because they know that they’ll conquer it. That right there is what makes this community dangerous. Belief. It’s an immovable concept that will lead to the stupid, dangerous, and destruction of all.

And by the look on Nick’s face, at the end of the episode, he understands. He’s made a mistake coming there.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9/8c.

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