‘Krypton’ SDCC 2017 Interviews: Cameron Cuffe, Cameron Welsh & Damian Kindler

Before San Diego Comic Con, we knew nothing about Krypton. Now, after San Diego Comic Con, you still probably know nothing about Krypton, but us? We enough enough to be excited – really really excited.

Let’s be honest, the premise itself is a bit dry – yes, Superman’s grandfather Seg-El is the main character, but do we care enough about Superman’s grandfather? Turns out that, as executive producer Cameron Welsh teased, the action “kicks off with a conspiracy that starts on present-day Earth.”

So, there’s time travel involved. You’ve got our attention now.

“A conspiracy to prevent the birth of Superman.”

Mind blown, guys. Mind blown. That should have been on every poster.

EP Damian Kindler also teased that some heroes and villains would show up on Krypton that “we really wouldn’t expect to see there.”

And, because a girl (or boy) can’t live off of sci-fi and aliens alone, Cameron Cuffe teased a romance between Seg-El and someone from the house of Zod, though, when pressed, he wouldn’t confirm or deny if that mysterious love would indeed end up being Superman’s grandmother.

Still, it was enough to wet our appetites. This show apparently has it all! Why do we have to wait so long for it?

Check our our interview with Star Cameron Cuffe, who has us rooting for Seg-El before we’ve seen one second of footage:

As well as our interview with Executive Producer Damian Kindler:

And executive producer Cameron Welsh:

And when you’re done, come share your expectations and hopes about this show with us. Are you excited to see how this plays out?

Krypton will debut on SyFy in 2018.

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