The CW Is Developing A Show About Gladiators and We’re About It!

You know us – we love The CW and Freeform. We can’t seem to not get wrapped up in all of the shows that are on there. Guess that’s why every time something is announced as in development or being optioned – we are all about it.

Hey, in todays world you have to balance your TV time well. Need to know if we have to invest in something else or if we can move on.

Looks like we may need to invest more time in The CW.

It was announced last week that The CW is developing The Valiant by Lesley Livingston. Loved this book. Female Empowerment. ✅ Gladiators. ✅ Kick ass action. ✅

We’re all in.

Livingston reacted to the news.


If you aren’t familiar with the book – here’s the basics. Fallon is a Celtic Princess who runs away from an arranged marriage, only to get captured by slave traders. She’s trying to escape because the marriage would have kept her from being a warrior and her sister was a pretty bad ass one who was killed in battle. Fallon is sold once arriving in Rome as a female gladiator and she’s gonna have to win a lot to get her freedom.

We’re excited. Now, sure we don’t know if it will come to fruition, but hey – we’re open to the possibilities.

Laurie Arent and Mary Beth Basile will executive produce. Warner Bros. Television will produce. Arent will also be writing the drama.

We’ll keep you informed on what’s gonna happen with The Valiant. 


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