‘The Flash’: Why WestAllen’s Wedding Means So Much

For 60 years, iconic comic book lovers Barry Allen and Iris West have always managed to find each other no matter what part of the multiverse they reside in at any moment in time. Connected through lightning, love, the power of the speed force or some combination of all three, speedster Barry Allen and Iris West are undeniably meant to be.

Though I can’t say I’ve had 60 years with Barry and Iris, I have given them 3+ years of my life and it has been a true roller coaster! I’ve had a lump in my throat, laughed out loud, and had goosebumps all over my favorite t.v. ship and the non-stop feels they leave behind. They can be heartbreaking but are easily one of the sweetest funniest couples on the small screen today.

The Flash will make good on their most important  promise to us Barry and Iris shippers by giving us the wedding we deserve this November. On-set photos of Iris in her wedding dress have already made the rounds on the internet. (That’s a WHOLE other editorial right there)  Knuckle-headed internet leakers aside, the WestAllen wedding is such an important t.v. moment for so many Flash fans and here’s a few reasons why.

WestAllen is Comic Book Canon

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It’s always nice to see things we love in print portrayed on the screen. Barry and Iris are married in the comics, but our television Barry and Iris have had some very painful and at times irritating angst to wade through. A girlfriend here and an almost fiance there,  he wants her/ she’s not sure she wants him, she’s ready now, but he’s about to go save his mom so he’ll holla back and so on.  The Barry and Iris saga threw us for some loops, but we always had the Iris West-Allen by line in the 2024 newspaper to temper our worried hearts.

Whether we were comic book fans from the start or fans that came to the comics after falling in love with the show, we knew that the marriage of Barry and Iris was inevitable if the writers stayed true to the source material and the trajectory they began in the first season.

WestAllen Equals Best Friends Forever

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Imagine walking down the aisle towards your future and the person standing there to receive you is your hero, your lover, and your best friend. What would it be like to spend the rest of your life with someone who has shown you on multiple occasions that they would indeed give up everything including their life for you happiness and well-being?

We all have our definition of romantic, but it’s hard to say that marrying your best friend isn’t up there on the romance hierarchy.  Because what is a best friend anyway? A person who loves you even though you can do some really asshole like things. Like Barry when he changed the timeline without thinking how it would affect everyone and like Iris effectively sabotaging Barry’s relationship with Linda leaving him with no one while she had Eddie. A best friend is also the one who zips up your dresses, helps you with work, tells you that you can do anything and truly believes that you can, is gutted that you’re with someone else but gives you the space to do it anyway, and the one who knows that only your real dad can make it better sometimes.  That’s the homie, lover, friend content WestAllen kills us with every season and those of us that love this couple cannot get enough.

WestAllen Means Love Can Conquer All

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On some level, we all want to believe that love can repair all things. Barry and Iris making it to the alter give us the chance to hold on to that adage. On their own they have experienced many personal tragedies, but put them together and there is an almost insurmountable amount of pain present for the couple.  Barry’s tragic family background is enough to tear any person apart, and while he has to deal with that pain Iris also has to face being abandoned by her mother and the suicide of her first real boyfriend. ( Just thinking about all of this trauma makes my heart hurt.) Through it all, Barry and Iris decided to face all of this together, and their upcoming marriage solidifies their commitment to leaving their individual baggage behind. Their love for one another has created the path they both need to move on.

So, those are just a few reasons that The Flash fans are so excited for the West-Allen wedding- not to mention that we know they will look damn good in their wedding best. Why are you psyched for the West-Allen wedding?

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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