Chris Carter and Mitch Pileggi Discuss Season 11 of ‘The X-Files’

The cult classic turned ratings juggernaut thanks to a healthy serving of nostalgia and the explosive chemistry of its stars, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, The X-Files returns to our TV screens tomorrow for a 10-episode season 11. We had a chance to talk to all the main players during NYCC, and right now we’re going to focus on the man who created the characters we know and love and the only secondary character that stood the test of time: Chris Carter and Mitch Pileggi.

For Carter, who can safely call The X-Files his legacy, it’s hard to say this is really the end, though he admits “there are no plans beyond this.” That being said, Carter seems unwilling to close the door forever, stating that there are still “stories to tell and as long as there as stories to tell…”

So, basically, never say never. Especially because, as Carter himself suggests, it feels like The X-Files has never been more timely.

Check out what you late Carter had to say, including some fun reminiscing and how to deal with the transition between mythology and stand-alone episodes here:

For Mitch Pileggi, who plays Walter Skinner, and whose gone from sure ally, to sure enemy and back and forth a few times, coming back to the world of The X-Files “always feels like coming back home.” And, if it was going to feel like that for anyone other than Anderson and Duchovny, it was going to be Pileggi, who long-time fans recognize as an integral figure in the show, even if was always Mulder/Scully and the rest.

Ironically, Pileggi, whose character got thrown a few curve balls over the years, describes getting new a scripts as a “Christmas present,” which sounds more like something a fan would say, though really, The X-Files is the kind of show you can’t help but be a fan of – even if you’re part of it.

Check out Pileggi’s whole NYCC interview here:

The X-Files premieres Wednesday January 3rd at 8/7c on FOX.

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