‘Black Lightning’ 1×03 Review: Lawanda: The Book of Burial

Last week’s episode of Black Lightning had the winning formula for a great episode. It had the heart, humor, and heroics that make comic book stories utterly satisfying entertainment. Lawanda: The Book of Burial followed that same formula, and how it came out even better I do not know. This show just keeps on bringing it, and I could not be more geeked!

All Heart


What I absolutely and insanely love most about Black Lightning are the dynamics of the Pierce family. Anissa’s loving, but I will stick my foot in your ass, big sister vibe is so real that I’m sure it gives many of us little sisters painful flash backs.  And the adorable but maddening little sister that is Jennifer Pierce can steal the spotlight with her smile. Together on screen these two are pure sister magic.

And of course the gorgeous heads of the Pierce family, Jeff and Lynn, continue to tease us with their back and forth. Can someone please tell them that they are perfect for each other, and I’m about tired of these two playing games; we are just three episodes in! Why are they apart again? Because seriously, for Lynn to have so many reservations about Jeff being Black Lighting she sure is completely down for him and in his corner every second. Isn’t that what she would be doing if they decided to reconcile? I really do appreciate Lynn’s initial position about Jeff’s powers, but now? How much has to happen before she makes the leap again? Nevertheless, watching these two makes the word partnership come alive.

I also have to shout out the screen time between Anissa and Lynn in this episode. Lynn’s complete acceptance of Anissa’s sexuality and the all knowing mother sense that kept her in tune with her daughter’s feelings was so awesome to witness. Black Lightning has showcased some hard truths about black people and parts of urban culture- the intolerance of gays is one of those hard truths, and this scene quietly and powerfully showed the beauty of what’s possible between parents and children when we choose love instead of hate or indifference.

All Laughs


Just like Lynn, all I could do was sip my glass and look down as Jennifer declared the EXACT date and time that she would be losing her virginity. I can’t say this black girl would’ve gotten the same calm reaction, but I did love seeing it on TV. Not talking is how families get into some deep trouble and though Jeff and Lynn are hiding a huge secret from their girls, I get the feeling that Pierce family dinner nights are a place to share and discuss just about anything on your chest.

Another very funny moment was the “How do you shower” scene. I had never thought about the order in which a person washes up and the carrying of foot fungus. Makes a whole lotta sense to me. Thanks a lot Jefferson!

All Heroes


Anissa’s journey into becoming Thunder is one that I cannot wait to take with her. Already training herself, she seems to have fully embraced what is happening to her. If there is fear, she isn’t showing it or letting it get the best of her. She is throwing herself mind and body into the role. Without guidance there are sure to be stumbles, and with the sense of urgency she has to make a tangible difference in the community there are sure to be some people gettin’ their asses kicked real soon. The father daughter reveal is going to be so epic! But the reveal to Lynn worries me; I can’t imagine the sadness she will feel, and I wonder just how well she will cope with the news.

Anissa’s journey to heroism wasn’t the only one on display or referenced. The people in the neighborhood, awakened by the return of Black Lightning, took a heroic stand by marching even under the threat of violence from the 100 Gang, and Jeff’s return to heroism still has quite a bit of rust on it, but nevertheless it’s on and poppin’ in Freeland and Black Lightning is back.

If you know someone who isn’t watching this show yet, holla at them.

Just a Few of My Meandering Thoughts:

  • Lady Eve! Lady Eve! Jill Scott did that!! I’m more afraid of her from that one scene than I am of Tobias harpooning and choking folks out.
  • Anissa know she wrong. She should have broken up with that chick before going on a date!
  • The commentary on the gospel of prosperity was duly noted.
  • Poor Jennifer…
  • I see you Salim. I see you Mara. Keep dropping those crossover hints!

Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays at 8pmCentral/9pmEastern on the CW.


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