‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season 8 Trailer Killed Us With the Feels

Let us hold hands and process/experience the feels of the trailer for The Walking Dead mid-season 8 trailer together. We need it The Walking Dead family.

We need to support each other as Carl throws down wise words to his dad and step-mom, because you all know that Michonne is his mom as well. Carl is going to die and there is nothing you and I or Rick can do about it. And the only thing Carl can do is leave his father the way Lori did, by giving him advice on how to live on and survive this cruel world.

Negan is going to keep coming and many people will die, the garbage people included, but Rick and the rest of the gang will keep living for those still living and those that have passed. Now, go. Watch the trailer and experience the action packed and feels inducing trailer for what’s to be one of the greatest season of The Walking Dead.

Check out the trailer for the mid-season 8 premiere below:


P.S. The song used in the trailer is by Zack Hemsey. It’s called “The Way.” Included it below!

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 25th at 9/8c on AMC.

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