Four New Books in ‘The Uglies’ World? Yes Please!

If you haven’t read The Uglies, you are missing out on some pretty amazing books. Scott Westerfield wrote a dystopian that examined what it was like to be “pretty” and to be honest with you, I couldn’t get enough. So my excitement level is high knowing that there are four more books in the world of The Uglies coming out.

Westerfeld is releasing the a new novel, Impostors, which is the first new book in The Uglies series, coming out this year. The new books will follow Frey, a girl who is raised to be an impostor.

The books will deal with the consquences of the earlier series, where Tessa Youngblood, became a part of the Pretty regime. I am interested to see that because I never wanted the earlier novels to end.

Impostors releases on September 11, 2018. Read more about the book on Scott’s blog.

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