The Good and the Bad of 2×06 of ‘Famous in Love’

I actually enjoyed this episode of Famous in Love. It felt more character driven, and maybe that’s because Locked is finally wrapped. That movie has taken up our favorite characters’ lives since the very beginning, so now we get to see what their lives will be like without it. To make my review of this episode more comprehensible, I thought I’d give you a list of five things I thought were good and five things I thought were bad in “The Goodbye Boy.”



Even though Tangey couldn’t make it because she was off recording, this wrap party was full of drama and great moments. I think it held a nice message of how close casts and crews become on projects, while also proving that everything isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. This party also set up what could’ve been a really great moment between Paige and Rainer, except Harper Tate slid in to ruin their longing stares. It also provided the platform for Rainer’s big announcement: that he’s leaving Hollywood. He revealed this just seconds after expressing his love to the cast and crew by saying, “Which is why it’s so hard for me to tell you all that I’m leaving Hollywood. For good. Acting served its purpose and I’m moving on. So this really is a wrap for Rainer Devon.”

There was also an interesting moment where Nina and Harper went head to head about what’s best for Rainer. I believe Harper wants other to believe she has Rainer’s best interest at heart, and I believe Nina has Rainer’s best interest at heart because of the way Nina has acted in the past.


This is a small detail that I loooooved. As someone who struggles with sitting still and plenty of friends telling me that yoga would be great for me, I relate to Nina’s relationship with yoga on a personal level. I wasn’t going to include this in the list, but it’s something small that stood out to me. Not every good moment has to be something loud and dramatic.


Rainer and Paige were really great in this episode, together and separate. Their scenes were some of my favorites this week. The missed opportunity for Rainer to whip together a hangover remedy involving pickle juice left me intrigued, as did Paige throwing up in her bathroom. Poor Paige had a serious hangover to recover from this week, and Rainer stuck by her side until Cassie could take over. What I loved the most and found to be quite powerful was how both Paige and Rainer stood up for themselves in this episode. In the whirlwind that is Hollywood and romantic relationships, Rainer and Paige have lost a bit of themselves in trying to keep up with everything. Paige let Jake know everything he did wrong at Rainer’s charity event, and I was LIVING FOR IT. Then, Rainer went home and called Harper out for the way she acted at the event. Harper swore she had gotten caught up in everything, but Rainer didn’t buy it. Neither did I, but we’ll get into my feelings about Harper a bit later.


Cassie’s horror film was in full swing this week and so was the blatant sexism and abuse of power on set. There was one point when the DISGUSTING lead Blaine was “having a full conversation” with Cassie’s boobs. Blaine didn’t even bother to learn Cassie’s name for the majority of the episode. He then ripped her entire shirt off when he was only supposed to rip it open, which left her exposed and uncomfortable. He then actually choked her, instead of, you know, PRETEND choking her. The catch was when Blaine gets angry when Cassie retaliates with anger. UGH. But Cassie didn’t give up. She stuck it out. The director was impressed by her and offered her a promotion to Dead Girl #6. By that time, Cassie demanded that Blaine remember her name. She said, “Well, looks like I moved up on the call sheet. And by the way, my name is Cassandra Perkins. You should probably remember it because it looks like we’ll be working together for a while.” YES, CASSIE! 


Personally, I was exhausted for Jordan and his situation of hiding his past, so I was relieved when he revealed his past and real name. He was having panic attacks earlier in the episode, and Marisol did what she could to console him. Hopefully the truth being out is enough to console him. Hopefully that will stop the insane number of calls he received and strangers showing up outside of his door. More importantly, hopefully Jordan revealing his truth will be enough for the show to move past this plot. I am bored with it and I think there is so much potential for many different storylines for Jordan. On another note, I think it’s interesting to note that Rainer watched the interview. Rainer may be furious with Jordan, but he still supported Jordan from a distance. That revealed a lot to me about how deep their friendship truly is.



I am so tired of Jake and Paige and their romantic relationship. I was tired of it before it even started. Jake and Paige keep missing each other and sucking at communication, and I just don’t care if they ever make up. It’s exhausting to watch them argue 24/7. I know couples fight. I know that’s realistic, but I think both Paige and Jake could be better off without each other in a romantic relationship. Paige even said it herself when she said, “What did we come to?” They seem to be at a point where they both know what’s best – ending the relationship – but neither of them will do it. 

2. Stealing Georgia

Surprise, surprise. I am also tired of this movie. All it has done is cause problems. The only moderately good thing to come out of this film is Billy. Oh! And the scene with P.A. Adam giving Jake advice that resulted from being very high. Adam is always a great addition to any episode for me, and this episode did not disappoint. Other than that, all this film has done is cause a bigger rift between Jake and Paige. The only thing you really need to know is that Jake ended up submitting Stealing Georgia to film festivals as a short film.


Like I have said before, I am a HUGE Danielle Campbell fan, but Harper is just doing everything wrong for me. She is only interested in Rainer when it benefits her. She suggested that he should take a break after Locked. When he retired and told her that he wanted to move to New York, she didn’t seem so keen on that adventure anymore. Maybe I would feel for her if I could put my finger on a motive for her actions but I can’t.


What was the point? Seriously, what was the point? This very creepy tour guide knew everything about Paige and then handed her a rose. It was weird and the only follow through for their odd encounter was that Paige’s backdoor was wide open when she got home from the wrap party. If this doesn’t turn into anything extremely interesting, I’m going to be completely disinterested.


It’s not that I didn’t buy Rainer wanting to leave the business. I did. I just didn’t like that the whole moment was spoiled in the promo for this episode. I would have much rather it be a surprise. It didn’t feel as effective because it had already been revealed after last week’s episode. It would have been much more shocking and interesting had the viewers found out Rainer was leaving Hollywood at the same time as all of the other characters. It’s a shame the show gave away one of the biggest turning points in one of its main character’s lives in a promo. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again, because that would be a major bummer.

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