‘Timeless’ Fans Plan Big SDCC Gesture

Timeless seems like the little show that could. Cancelled? Wait …not, it’s back. Cancelled again? Well, fans are certainly not giving up on the possibility of getting some sort of closure for their favorite show.

And they’re taking to the skies in San Diego to prove it.

You all probably know that next week is San Diego Comic Con, the biggest multi-genre entertainment and comic convention of them all. The streets will be filled with celebrities and studio executives, and fans are hoping the big gesture will get someone to think twice about this gem of a show that has been, somehow, overlooked once and time again.

Or, if not, they are hoping that, at least, the writers and cast members will get the message that the show changed many, many lives, and so may people are better because of it.

Fans have already been very creative in this push to save the show, with paperclips, historical postcards, chocodiles and even a book drive!

So, if you look at the sky during Comic Con (I will certainly be looking) and see a helicopter (or, per Malcolm Barrett, heli-clockter) with a big Timeless, sign, stop for a moment, take a picture or twenty five, share it on social media and if you can, join us in asking for more of this show.

The little show that could would really, really like to come back.

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