‘The Originals’ 5×12 Review: “The Tale of Two Wolves”

The Originals penultimate episode, “The Tale of Two Wolves,” broke my heart and stitched it back together with the realization that Elijah will be the one to take his brother’s place when the time comes for Klaus to die. This episode also broke me because of the return of Hayley Marshall. Our fierce hybrid mama has finally found peace and I’m equal parts devastated and happy for her.

With one episode left before The Originals is over forever, it’s such a joy and shock to realize how far the Mikaelsons have come and how much we have loved to be part of their journey. Klaus is not the same person he was before. Elijah is not the same person he was before. None of them are. They’ve all grown along with us and showed us how complicated, beautiful, and worthwhile the families we choose, really are.

So without further ado, let’s dive into The Originals “The Tale of Two Wolves”!

Sacrifice Born Out of Love


Elijah is going to die.

I went into this review thinking that Klaus was finally going to die. That this was the final nail in the coffin. But it’s not. Elijah is going to die. And before we rage against Julie Plec and think that it’s just like what happened in The Vampire Diaries, I want us to stop and realize that these are two completely different set of brothers on a journey all of their own.

Elijah is going to die because it’s his choice. For the longest time he has protected his brother because he felt like he had no choice. It was ‘always and forever’ and it was his duty to protect his brother no matter what he had to sacrifice for it. But this…this time it’s different. Elijah is going to choose to die.

He loves his family, to the moon and back, but a part of him is just so damn tired. So tired of fighting. So tired of losing. So tired of feeling the guilt. Another part of him understands and sees how much his brother has grown and how much Hope still needs him. Klaus is not the hybrid he was before. Hell, they’re not the same family they were before. Things have changed for all of the Mikaelsons and Elijah understands what he has to do.

Elijah taking Klaus’ place is not Klaus being a burden on Elijah. It’s not even the end of Elijah’s journey. He will see Hayley again. They will have that dance. Elijah taking his brothers place is about choosing to protect his family because HE wants to, because he’s happy to do so, because he loves them.

It’s breaking me thinking about what’s going to happen in the series finale to The Originals. I can’t imagine how I’ll be after I see it.

Still Holding on For That Dance


Knowing that Hayley is at peace is both devastating and fantastic. She’s gone through so much in her short life and I’m over the moon that she’s experiencing the peace that she always sought out. It’s made even better that her family is there. Hell, I’m even happy that Jackson is there. It means that her story hasn’t ended, that she’s within reach, and that if the actress has time, she can appear on Legacies somewhere down the line.

Now onto the devastating part.

I had hope that Hayley would come back. I held onto it because this show is crazy and intense and a whole ball of crazy things where those who die never stay truly dead. But this, this beautiful scene where Hayley got to finally talk to her daughter and absolve her of her guilt, it was all the confirmation I needed to know that this is permanent. Right now, there’s no coming back to life for Hayley Marshall.

So they’re gonna have to her. I still hold firm to the theory that Elijah will die, taking his brother’s place. Yes, it isn’t fair, and yes it’s fucked up that Elijah has these responsibilities since he was young, but he’ll do it because he wants to. And if he ends up with Hayley and has that dance…well, I’m ready for it. I bet Elijah is too.

Future Legacies


“The Tale of Two Wolves” was a great introduction to the world of Legacies. It’s already got such a different tone, a different spark, and I’m so ready for it. It’s not going to be like The Vampire Diaries and it’s not going to be like The Originals. It’s going to be the journey of a young girl turning into a woman while being surrounded, inside and out, by the sins of her family.

And I’m so damn ready for it!

Hope is such a shining light in The Originals. Yes, shining light. She’s not innocent and she has done bad things, but damn it does she have this light inside of her that wants to protect and try to surpass the limitations of the dark past of her family. And that right there gives me hope and makes me excited for what’s to come next for her in Legacies.

Klaus & Caroline, Just the Beginning


I love Klaroline. There, I said it. You know my darkkkkk truth. I’m not blind to the problems between them. Klaus and Caroline aren’t blind to it either. They know what they were, who he was, and where they are now. And it’s kind of beautiful. Yes, Klaus was a monster. But Caroline was one as well when she turned off her humanity. So, if I gave Caroline a chance to redeem herself, why can’t I give Klaus the same courtesy?

Every moment that Klaus and Caroline spent together in this episode, and that almost there kiss which I loved even more because who doesn’t love a good forehead touch, showed me that there is still so much to tell about Klaroline. There are adventures that they haven’t taken together, lands they haven’t explored, and feelings they haven’t allowed to blossom within themselves because of the responsibilities they have in life.

Keeping that all in mind, I’m calling it now. Klaus will survive. Klaus will be free of this weight on his shoulders. And Caroline, well, Klaus will keep his promise to show her the world if she wants. And I think that she wants. Caroline has worked so damn hard for so damn long, girl deserves a break. Maybe that break from everything crazy and supernatural comes with an adventure with Klaus.

And who knows. Maybe what they have between them will finally blossom into something more.

I can’t wait.

Favorite Scene from “The Tale of Two Wolves”:

THE TENSION, PEOPLE. P.S. I loved that they didn’t kiss. The tension was just too goooooood!


Check out the trailer for next week’s series finale:

The Originals series finale airs August 1, 2018 at 9/8c on The CW.

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