‘Wynonna Earp’ 3×02 Review: “When You Call My Name”

Wynonna Earp “When You Call My Name” made me love this show even more while cursing the writer to hell for bringing on this pain in the form of Xavier Pamela Dolls death. *deep breath* I wasn’t ready. He, she, we, them weren’t ready. And I’m going to spend the next couple of days grieving, understanding the reasoning for Waverly’s anger, and praising Melanie Scrofano for her amazing performance.

*grabs tissue* Let’s dive into Wynonna Earp’s “When You Call My Name”!

I’m Not Ready to Let Go of Dolls


If we were to look at the five stages of grief I’m firmly in denial. I don’t want to let Dolls go. I’m not ready. And I still can’t wrap my mind around why his journey should and would come to an end so early on in season 3. Dolls has been a cornerstone of this show. He was the rock, the leader, that kept this crazy boat afloat. And now he’s gone and I’m all sorts of inconsolable.

This grief isn’t even because I ship Dolls and Wynonna. I ship Wynonna and Doc as well and if the writing gods, aka Emily Andras, were to give me an OT3 with Wynonna/Doc/Dolls I’d be totally ok with it. This grief is firmly grounded in the fact that Dolls story IS NOT DONE. We barely scraped the surface of who he was, how he’d changed, and what Black Badge had done to him.

I have until next Friday for the new episode and here’s hoping I pass through anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance by stalking the official Wynonna Earp Twitter for some BTS pics of Shamier. I still wish him luck in everything that he does now and for the years to come. But for now, I’m going to simmer and wallow in the pain of losing Xavier Pamela Dolls.

Waverly Finds Out the Truth


The way that Waverly dealt with the secret that her mother was in contact in Wynonna and that her sister knew where Mama Earp was the entire time, speaks to the kind of person Waverly is. She’s kind. There’s no doubt about that. But she’s also self-assured, brave, and not afraid to tackle things just because it might be an inconvenient time like being in a cage after some forest revenant locked you in a cage and stole your voice, The Little Mermaid style.

Oh and let’s not forget her facial expressions when confronting Wynonna about the secret. I would feel guilty as hell and like I want to fix everything in the world just so I can get that sad look off of Waverly’s face. Those were puppy dog eyes, I tell you! Puppy dog eyes that were saying, “What the fuck, Wynonna!?” but puppy dog eyes nonetheless.

Even when Waverly asked for time by herself, away from Wynonna, she was kind, self-assured, brave, and not afraid to tackle things. Taking a break was good for her and for everyone else involved. And believe me, some people never do this. They never realize that taking time for oneself is an important part of healing and that it doesn’t mean that everything is over between you and the person that hurt you. It just means that you know they are important enough, that you’re important enough, to take some time to compartmentalize.

Give Melanie Scrofano an Emmy Already!


If you don’t know this by now, I watch a lot of TV. If I’m not sleeping or working, I’m glued to my Netflix or Hulu account as if it were the most important lover in my life. Which, currently it is. So when I tell you that Melanie Scrofano blew everyone out of the water with her performance in this episode you’ll know that I’m making this declaration from a large pool of performances.

When she was on that cliff side…*deep breath* I felt for her. I felt every cry of pain. I felt every worried cry for her Baby Girl Waverly. And I felt every single moment that she fought against the unconsciousness that was pulling at her with the help of her asshole, yes, I said asshole, of a mother who pushed her to keep moving.

Even now, hours later and mid-work, I can’t stop thinking about Melanie’s performance or how much I want to share Wynonna Earp with my friends and family so they can get to this episode and this point. It’s been such a pleasure watching this actress grow into herself, go through motherhood, and become a family with the rest of her cast mates. Just for this, for her, people should watch this show and give it a chance.

*runs off to recruit people to the Earper family*

Favorite Moment from “When You Call My Name”:

I love that there was no way in hell that Wynonna was going to let Nicole go. And it wasn’t just because this was the woman her sister loved. She did it because Nicole is her friend and she isn’t the type to give up


Check out the trailer for next week’s all-new Wynonna Earp titled “Colder Weather”:

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 9/8c on SyFy.

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