‘After Fans…Meet Noah

He is easily one of the After series favorite characters. The sweet, charming, supportive boyfriend of Tesssa, until the hurricane that is Hardin Scott comes into the picture. Despite their fall out, Noah continues to be the support and friend of Tessa that she needs, and in that won over the fandom’s heart.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting to see who will be playing this pivotal role in the film adaptation, and it has finally been announced.

Meet your Noah…Dylan Arnold.

Known for roles in When We Rise, Laggies and Mudbound, this 6′ cutie is already experienced in front of the camera. He has also gained small screen rolls in SWAT and Nashville.

We can’t wait to see how Dylan’s addition to the cast guides the film! We will get to see it all play out on screen April 2019!



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