Our SDCC2018 Highlight: #SaveTimeless

San Diego Comic Con is in the books, and as we look back on it’s 2018 edition, I have to categorically say the highlight for us was …well, the #SaveTimeless movement.

Even if, due to busy schedules and the general madness that is SDCC in general, sometimes, the only part of the movement we were privy to was just me, Alyssa, Lyra (and Em!) being fannish everywhere.

Timeless is many things, first and foremost a good show that deserved better than the time-slot and promotion it got. It’s a smart, important, diverse show that was also educational, made people fall in love with all it’s characters (no matter who your favorite is, I’ve found few people who actually hate any of the main six characters) and spawned a movement that I have reason to believe will outlast entire shows.

I, for one, will probably sill be tweeting #SaveTimeless twenty years from now.

But Timeless was also us, dressed as Lucy Preston – 4 different Lucy Preston’s, at that, trying to find our Wyatt (Matt, why couldn’t we find youuuuu?) and actually managing to find our Rufus.

It was us “protesting” in front of The Good Place activation, because without Timeless, we’re clearly in the Bad Place.

And it was us representing the Time Team (+Jiya!) as we walked around in custom made Clockblocker jerseys (made by the marvelous and talented Em).

How could we pick something other than Timeless as the highlight of our San Diego Comic Con, when we were SO committed to Timeless?

And that all happened before Saturday! Before the heli-clockters. Before I was standing on top of a bench and saw Malcolm walk towards us as we watched a banner that was basically pleading to save him fly over us. Before I yelled “We saved you,” because it almost felt like, at least for that moment, we had. Before his laughter at seeing us and seeing the helicopters made each and every one of us feel like this fight wasn’t over.

Just look at this picture. Imagine us, strangers at first, standing in the sun, looking up at the helicopter and suddenly becoming part of a Tribe. The Save Timeless Tribe.

And we’re gonna keep fighting. So join us. The fight isn’t over till we give up. And this show, these actors, these fans are worth it, right?

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