‘Black Lightning’ SDCC Interview: Damon Gupton Tells Viewers to Stay Tuned

Newly promoted Deputy Chief Bill Henderson has been on the trail of Black Lightning since the start of season one. Faced with threats the police can’t handle alone, the deputy has had to rely on the hero even if he didn’t truly want to. Through a good laugh, Damon Gupton shares why the detective has yet to discover that his best friend is the hero he’s reluctant to trust. “There is great superstition and disbelief on a superhero show. He may find out this season that his boy is who he really is.”

Gupton also discusses the realistic subject matter of the show and the role of police in the community. “It is a very interesting time to be a black cop.Who are you? What do you believe? How do you feel when you see somebody violently arrested or taken down or killed?” Gupton reveals that he studies local crime stories to help him prepare for the work he does on the show. Though he doesn’t ask for much feedback, through acting, Gupton has formed relationships with people who give him tips about law enforcement.

The theme of family plays a huge role in the Black Lightning series. Gupton feels that showcasing Henderson’s family would be a perfect fit. “That’s very important for him. It helps ground him.”

Check out our entire interview here, where Damon Gupton dishes on his favorite reality cop show and what it feels like to be a non-superhero on a superhero show.

Black Lightning returns to the CW this fall.

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