‘Black Lightning’ SDCC Interview: James Remar Talks Family Ties

Peter Gambi’s relationship to Black Lightning and the Pierce family seemed to be on the mend by the end of season one. James Remar believes that though he and Jefferson are not all patched up, he and Anissa’s relationship is on the rise. “I’m a more active participant in her heroics. She’s not a reluctant hero; she’s gung-ho. And Gambi wants to protect her at all costs.”

Though Anissa and Gambi are poised to have a solid bond, James isn’t so sure how easily Jennifer will come into the fold. “She’s more rebellious at the outset about having powers. What is this? I don’t want this shit. She has to defend her family, but she doesn’t like it. I’ll be there hopefully to assist her.”

Remar jokes about his time playing the character Raiden and how it could possibly tie into Black Lightning. ” Why would it bother me? I’m an elder god. We’ll reveal in season 12 that Raiden is Black Lightning’s true father.”

Returning to the characters,  James talks about how Gambi and Lynn are dealing with Jefferson’s powers. “They’re two people who have a very strong opinion and they are not backing down. They are united in their love for that family. It’s like two doctors disagreeing on how to treat a patient.”

Check out our entire interview here, where James talks Comic-Con fatigue, crossing over with other DC shows and the importance of establishing the Lightningverse.



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