Tyler Hoechlin Boards ‘Another Life’

To be honest, the convenience of binge watching on Netflix is part of the reason that I can’t look away. Every single time that I think that I am ready to cancel service, something comes up where I know I can’t ever quit it.

And now, if I am being honest, I have been kinda pissed at Netflix over Insatiable and considered cancelling my subscription. But then To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before happened and I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. At least not at that point.

Now they’ve pulled me back in again as they announced that Tyler Hoechlin has been cast in the Netflix sci-fi drama series Another Life, alongside Justin Chatwin, Katee Sackhoff, Samuel Anderson, Elizabeth Faith Ludlow, and Selma Blair. I already felt a need to support the series because Selma Blair and she’s in After and you get the point.

The series, is about some astronauts on a mission to explore the origins of an alien artifact. Yet, as usual, shit is going to happen and they may not make it home.

One way mission you say?

Hoechlin will play Ian Yerxa, the onetime commander of the space exploration ship who looses his post to Niko (Katee Sackhoff’s character). A man in uniform and a man that needs saving? I mean sure – the saving part I’m not sure of, but let me live out my fantasies here Netflix!

Count us in! Well me, at least.

Another Life comes from creator/showrunner Aaron Martin (Being Erica, Degrassi: The Next Generation) and producer Noreen Halpern (Alias Grace).

Will you be watching?

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