See The Trailer For ‘Creed II’

I remember sitting on the couch as a kid, curled up next to my Dad as we watched the Rocky movies. I hated boxing, but I loved spending time with my father.

Now that I am grown up, watching movies on my own – I didn’t expect to fall for this generations Rocky movies – otherwise known as Creed. I love these movies. I absolutely love these movies. Michael B. Jordan is fabulous – raw and emotional.

The trailer for the second Creed has been released and it’s absolutely AMAZING.

Michael B. Jordan stars as the son of Apollo Creed who is now being trained by Rocky Balboa. In the sequel, Adonis is being challenged by the son of Ivan Drago. If you watched the original series, you know that Ivan Drago is the boxer that killed Apollo Creed. Adonis doesn’t feel like he can back down from the fight.

He is facing the legacy that was left behind.

Tessa Thompson stars as Creed’s wife, and Phylicia Rashad, Wood Harris, Andre Ward and Russell Hornsby co-star.

Creed II is in theaters November 21st.

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