‘The Walking Dead’ 9×07 Review: “Stradivarius”

The Walking Dead’s “Stradivarius” did Maggie Rhee dirty. There. I said it. Lauren Cohan’s character deserved better and it’s a shame that this is how it had to go down. Especially because her time at Hilltop was game changing and she’d finally worked through her pain when it came to Glenn and Negan.

“Stradivarius” also surprisingly made me like the newbies. I’m still a little wary of them, just like Michonne is, but I’m more open to getting to know them and why Judith chose to save them. We’re going to need all the good people, all the strong people, now that we know what’s coming for a favorites. The Whisperers are near.

The Walking Dead Did Maggie Dirty

After 113 episodes I thought The Walking Dead would’ve done better by Maggie Rhee. But they didn’t. They quietly and quickly wrote her off after a huge time jump. And honestly, it was the cowards way for The Walking Dead and Lauren Cohan.

Maggie Rhee deserved better than a letter sent to Jesus and a side-note about how she’s off somewhere. We didn’t need or want that. And this is not me advocating for an epic death for Maggie. This is me advocating for something more than just a brush off after being so integral to The Walking Dead story.

It leaves me really curious about whose decision it was to write this crap. I love the fact that Lauren Cohan can come back sometime in the future if Whiskey Cavalier sucks eggs. But it sucks in general that this is what has to happen for her to work somewhere else.

Where’s the movie deal like they did with Rick Grimes character? Where was the heart and patience that they took with Andrew Lincoln’s exit in comparison to Lauren Cohan’s? Nowhere, that’s where it’s at. Maggie Rhee was at the forefront of one of the biggest shifts in character development and leadership. And she just faded away? Possibly never to be seen again?

Fuck that noise. Maggie deserved better.


The Newbies Are Better Than Expected

Anytime big cast changes happen, I’m wary of who’s to come. They could be as dangerous as the Governor, as poisonous as Negan, or as deceptive as the people of Terminus. Our new group of survivors, who are being ferried by Michonne to Hilltop, are different. And, I actually really like them.

They’re survivors like the rest of the lot on The Walking Dead, there’s no doubt about that, but they’re wicked smart. I think we’ve gotten too accustomed to shooting now, asking questions later, or swinging around an axe/sword like a maniac (no offense Michonne) that we’ve forgotten finesse.

The newbies did small but essential things to guarantee that they would survive. One of them opened car doors to block the walkers way. Two of them looked out for the ones throwing down critical shots. And one destroyed a rooftop that helped temper the amount of walkers coming their way in one fell swoop.

All of this speaks of a group that trusts each other and understands each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Hilltop, Alexandria, or the Kingdom would be lucky to have them. That’s not to say that Michonne shouldn’t be weary. I would be as well. But they’ve proven themselves.

Maybe it’s time for some change. Maybe it’s time to give others the chance that we (Michonne and the rest of the OG gang) were given before and start trusting again. It’ll be good for the community. It’ll be good for Judith and RJ. Hell, it’ll be good for the future of The Walking Dead.

Damn You, Whisperers. I’m Genuinely Getting Worried.

The last time I was this worried for what was to come to our survivors, Negan had everyone pissing their pants when they would hear whistling in the woods. Now I feel that same fear coming and washing over me. There is a new threat on the horizon and it’s freaky as fuck.

The Whisperers look like any other zombie. But they are so much more than that. They are human beings who have found a new way to survive by camouflaging themselves with the skin of walkers. It’s disgusting and makes you wonder how they can wear it without becoming a victim of transference of fluid. Those heads, hands, or whatever other part they use from walker’s, are going to have flesh and all sorts of bits.

So what gives?!

Hilltop, Alexandria, and the Kingdom have been minding their own damn business since the savior’s lost Negan. So what do they want? Why did they want Rosita? And why are they creeping us and the rest of the survivors, the fuck out? I’m thinking it might have to do with the scar that Michonne and Daryl have. It’s too big and too obvious and probably something to do with another threat.

I’m just spitballing here, but what if Michonne and Daryl went through something horrifying with these Whisperers. They survived that experience with a nice new scar and made their way back home, promising to protect their land from these people. Little did they know that these people had no home and could follow anybody as long and as far as they pleased.

Whatever is coming, here’s hoping Eugene didn’t get kidnapped and then flipped on everybody. I know years have passed and I can see the character development AKA his new ponytail, but he still reeks of coward to me. Eugene has proven again and again that the ends justify the means when it comes to his safety. How am I supposed to believe he changed and wouldn’t pull something like this again?

The phone call of crazy coming to our favs in “Stradivarius” could be coming from inside the house!

Favorite Moment from “Stradivarius”:

I don’t know why I care for this dog so much, but I will guard him with my life!


P.S. This is super platonic.


Check out the trailer for next week’s episode titled “Evolution”:


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