‘The Walking Dead’ 10×06 Review: “Bonds”

Everyone was throwing up on The Walking Dead this week – and for once it wasn’t because of the Whisperer’s outfit of choice.

Dante said it best about the superflu going through Alexandria – “Simple shit can suddenly become a big deal.” I need this quote on a pillow or something because that is certainly true about most things in life.

The name of this episode is “Bonds,” and we got to see some new ones forming as well as some others being tested.

Daryl and Carol


I’m assuming that all other Caryl shippers were mad when Carol asked Daryl about Connie? Take heart, dear shippers, there were a lot of positive things in that conversation.

  • Daryl confirmed that his relationship with Connie “was not like that.” I think it may be romantic someday between him and Connie, he wasn’t leaning in that direction at the moment.
  • When Carol asks why not and he is all “cuz reasons,” I shouted at the TV “because he’s in love with you, Carol!” I read a lot of fanfiction, so I know that this is standard stuff.
  • The two of them fought about things like they were married. Don’t fight me on this.
  • And the line, “Either we’re enough or we’re not” about their plan to go into Whisperers territory makes the shipper in me sit up and pay attention.

Okay, so the only negative we have here is that Carol is basically encouraging him to go for it with Connie. But I think she loves him and wants him to be happy, and with what happened with Ezekiel and Henry, she’s not in an emotional state right now to think about a romance for herself. Daryl is the one stable thing in her life, and she is not going to do anything that jeopardizes that. I’m wondering if she’s even let her mind consider the possibility of anything with Daryl.

But I do have to say one thing about Daryl doubting Carol’s plan with the Whisperers – I know she’s still mad with grief, but Carol has literally saved everyone’s asses on multiple occasions. Why is it not standard procedure to have her do the planning whenever they face a new threat? This is just common sense, people.

Negan and Beta


I loved how chatty Negan was around Beta this week. I really hope people write some crack fanfic about the two of them. I also want to know how Negan survived that long amongst the Whisperers because there were times he certainly wasn’t Whispering. It reminds me of when you tell a kid to be quiet in the library and their loud whisper can still be heard from across the room.

Clearly, there is some jealousy going on with Beta as Negan does everything he can to impress Alpha. I’m still on the fence about Alpha’s motivations for keeping Negan around. She could be using him to keep Beta in check because he’s been questioning her all season and this Negan situation has him kneeling again. But she could also legitimately be intrigued by Negan and what he could bring to the table.


Negan’s motives are also in question. We’re meant to believe in the end that he is “all in” with the Whisperers, but I think that it’s all a bluff. This is Negan we are talking about. He’s not one to kneel down to anybody. He has an agenda here, whether it’s to take out Alpha and Beta and create a new version of the Saviors with the rest of the Whisperers crew or to defeat this evil group and return happily to Alexandria having proved himself. Personally, I think it’s the latter.

Eugene and the Catfish


It was sweet how Eugene and the very sick Rosita were able to reconnect and mend some fences on the radio. In case she does not recover (cries), they would have at least ended on good terms. And then we have this new woman talking to Eugene on the radio. I think it’s wonderful that he finally has someone to talk to, but she is super shady. Do they still have catfishing in the post-apocalyptic world?

Red flag one – she’s not giving her name and basically manipulated Eugene into giving his. Red flag two – She doesn’t want Eugene to tell anyone. Maybe I just have trust issues when it comes to new people in the show.

Or maybe she is a hallucination on Eugene’s part, like in fight club. Because remember the first rule about that is also not to talk about it.

On the flip side, maybe it is a new community and wonderful romance for Eugene. Because this show is all about happy endings – right?

Dante and Siddiq


Speaking of people I don’t trust – this week I’m even more convinced that Dante is a Whisperer. Sure, I know he is nice and sweet in this episode (flirting with an old lady nonetheless), but hear me out.

He first appeared, a convenient doctor, in the community right after the blizzard, which is when the Whisperers were also not around to raise suspicion. Second, Dante is the point person for Siddiq’s PTSD, and is taking over the clinic after recommending he step back from the clinic.

Siddiq’s PTSD is getting worse, not better. And now includes blackouts (sidenote: put down your freaking baby when you are feeling woozy, man). With all this weird stuff happening, like the new flu-ish epidemic and the Whisperers Go Home graffiti – could it be that Dante is doing it but also gaslighting Siddiq into thinking he is?


This may seem like an outlandish theory, but I just don’t trust that guy.

And is he intentionally doing something so the flu symptoms get worse instead of better? He wasn’t completely honest with Siddiq about the extent of the outbreak.

There are only two episodes left in this first half of the season. Hopefully, we will get some of these answers before the break.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.




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